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Wood County 4-H Awards 2020

On Sunday, November 1, we honored our 4-H members for their service, leadership, and 4-H project work and our outstanding 4-H volunteers for their hard work and years of service. the Wood County 4-H 2020 Awards were sponsored by Wesbanco, 4-H Clubs and the Wood County 4-H Leaders’ Association. 


Secretary Awards

Blue Ribbons

  • American Brushpoppers 4-H Club
  • Belleville 4-H Club
  • Lubeck Lucky Clovers 4-H Club
  • Wood County 4-H Teen Leaders
  • Woodchucks 4-H Club

Treasurer Awards

Blue Ribbons

  • American Brushpoppers 4-H Club
  • Belleville 4-H Club
  • Lubeck Lucky Clovers 4-H Club
  • Rebels 4-H Club
  • Sand Hill Explorers 4-H Club
  • Saulsbury 4-H Club
  • Wood County 4-H Teen Leaders
  • Woodchucks 4-H Club
  • Sharp Shooters 4-H Club

Club Excellence

Blue-Ribbon Secretary and Treasurer Book

  • American Brushpoppers 4-H Club
  • Belleville 4-H Club
  • Lubeck Lucky Clovers 4-H Club
  • Wood County 4-H Teen Leaders
  • Woodchucks 4-H Club

National 4-H Week Window Display Winners 

  • Slide Show – Sand Hill Explorers
  • Power Point – Teen Leaders
  • School Display – Lubeck
  • Outdoor Promotion – Rebels

Outstanding Club Members

Nominated by 4-H Clubs

  • American Brushpoppers: Grace Hall
  • Belleville: Gavin Pigott, Morgan Wicker, Josh Steele, Miryan Lewis
  • Lubeck:  Jordan Dearth, Camryn McLain, Byron Dearth, Erin Carmicle, Brayden Griffith, Amberia Griffith
  • Rebels: Douglas Casto, Adyleigh Matheny, Tyler Lewis, Lilly Skinner, Wyatt Eaton, Laekyn McLaughlin
  • Sand Hill: Jennessa Lewellyn, Lucas Lewellyn
  • Saulsbury: Bodee Walters, Jordan Riddle, Austin Sponaugle, Alayna Wood
  • Woodchucks:  Andrew Whitlatch, Skylar Hart, Joshlyn Miller, Noah Forshey, Julia Bland


First Year Teen Leader Pins

  • Jade Ellison
  • Jayden Flinn
  • Alaina Marshall
  • Cameron Shore
  • Paul Smith
  • Olivia Tice

Achievement in Service

  • Jordyne Lockhart
  • Audrey Sundstrom

Achievement in Leadership 

  • Erin Carmicle
  • Cate Evans

4h award winners leadership 4h award winners service

Outstanding Service Awards 

  • Emma Daley
  • Tessa Prunty

Outstanding Leadership Awards

  • Katie Daley
  • Hope Prunty
  • Cyleigh Sampson


5th Year Silver Clover Leade

  • Krista Bell*
  • Alisa Blake*
  • Brandon Boso*
  • Marcia Buckley
  • Jarrod Eaton
  • Staci Lawrentz
  • Shelley Lewis*
  • Toni Murphy*
  • Christy Young*
  • Barbara Townsend*
  • Brendan Williams*

10th year Gold Clover Leader 

  • Kelly Casto*
  • Christina Smith*

15th Year Pearl Leader 

  • Shauna Kelley*
  • Becky Murphy*
  • Keith Murphy

20th Year Diamond Clover

  • Alison Garrison*
  • Cathy Garrison*
  • Deck Garrison*
  • Pete Garrison*
  • Pam Hammond

25th Year Emerald Clover Leader

  • Betty Bargeloh*
  • Larry Bargeloh*
  • Jill Lewellyn*
  • Matt Lewellyn*

30th Year Ruby Clover Leader

  • Don Barnes
  • Julie Barnes*
  • Kelly Collins*
  • Jody Galland*
  • Linda George
  • Jody Lindsey*

35th Year Sapphire Clover Leader

  • Beverly “BJ” Elliott
  • Lew Lewellyn

40th Year Dimond Clover Leader

  • Annie Lewellyn*

45th Year Emerald Clover Leader

  • Norma Thomas*

4h volunteers service 45 and 40 years
4h all stars

All Stars

  • Jeff McElfresh
  • Bob Lockhart
  • Mel Lockhart
  • Emma Daley

4h outstandin volunteer awards

Outstanding 4-H Volunteers

Stephanie Kent & Doreen Moore

Doreen Moore leads the county's largest 4-H club. For nearly 20 years, she has truly touched the lives of hundreds of 4-H members. Along with her coleaders and club members, she has secured funding and donations for the Wood County 4-H Campgrounds, volunteered hundreds of hours in the community, provided camp and other scholarships beyond the borders of her club, and has one of the county's highest project completion rates. She took the challenge to start a club in the urban area of the county nearly 15 years ago, and that club has grown more than 75%. Volunteers like Doreen are hard to come by and true assets to the Wood County 4-H program.

Stephanie Kent truly cares about people and has served as her club leader's right-hand person for over 6 years. She's an organizer, facilitator, planner, fund-raiser, mentor and all around "go to" person. Working with the county's largest 4-H club, she has truly touched the lives of hundreds of 4-H members over the last five years. To say she wears many hats is an understatement. This leader is truly an asset to the club and county 4-H program.

4h all star winner 

Outstanding 4-H All Star

Debbie Sleeth was selected by the Wood County 4-H All Stars for the Outstanding 4-H All Star recognition this year for her tireless work with the Wood County 4-H program. Debbie is treasurer of the leaders’ association and has served as our lead financial best practices guru for many years. She grades and audits club treasurer books each year, and leads county education in this area. She is the only “behind the scenes” volunteer that is literally involved in every level of the 4-H program – never wanting the title or recognition – but always there to help. She assists the 4-H agent with the leadership of the county Teen Leader club, and also assists the Lubeck Lucky Clovers club leaders with the club’s organizational work. You can bet if you need anything, she has it in her famous “blue bag” although I think the color has changed over the years.  Debbie Sleeth is truly the heart of the Wood County 4-H program!


State Poster Contest Winners 

  • Baylee Richards, Junior, 4-H Promotion – General
  • Spencer Steele, Junior, Agriculture     
  • Makalyn Lewis, Junior, Citizenship
  • Brennan Taylor, Junior, Healthy Living
  • Byron Dearth, Intermediate, 4-H Promotion- General
  • Miryan Lewis,  Intermediate, Agriculture     
  • Amanda Lewis, Intermediate, Healthy Living
  • Whitney Griffith, Senior, 4-H Promotion – General 

State Dairy Poster Contest Certificates 

  • Lorelei Dent, Junior, Dairy
  • Hollie Smith, Intermediate, Dairy

State Photo Contest Certificates 

  • Emma Daley 
  • Paul Smith 

State Fair Recognitions

Seventy-nine blue ribbon exhibits were from Wood County were on display on the county and state online recognition pages this year.

State Fair Blue Ribbon Winners

Best of Show  

Only 10 individuals are lucky enough to win Best of Show recognition at the State Fair of WV.  Emma Daley of the Lubeck Lucky Clovers 4-H Club won Best of Show at the State 4-H Project Exhibits for her Leadership Roadtrip video scrapbook. 

Wood County State 4-H Day Winners

Two Wood County 4-H members recorded a visual presentation for the State 4-H Virtual Visual Presentations. These two individuals were recognized on the county and state 4-H online recognition pages this year, and their exhibits can be found at  State 4-H Project Awards. 

Alayna Wood – presented "Monkeying Around”
Morgan Wicker – presented "Parts & Cuts of a Market Lamb”

State Shooting Sports Competitions 

Air Rifle Championship 

Senior Division (won 3rd place overall team)

  • Alyssa Tennant 10th
  • Austin Sponaugle 14th
  • Tessa Prunty 23rd
  • Alayna Wood 24th
  • Colorado Sampson 33rd

Junior Division

  • Emilee Allison 11th
  • Remington Blair 21st
  • Isaac Blair 22nd
  • Jordan Riddle 27th
  • Morgan Wicker 33rd
  • Brandon Drake 38th
  • Jayla Riddle 42nd

National Recognition 

Austin Sponaugle and Alyssa Tennant - Qualified for The State Air Rifle Team 2020 to compete at Nationals! Due to COVID this competition was canceled – and Austin and Alyssa will represent Wood County and WV on this team in 2021.

Wyatt Eaton, Gracie Kent, and Olivia Mullen – Attended the National Youth Ag Summit

Jordyne Lockhart, Cyleigh Sampson, Hope Prunty and Tessa Prunty - Attended the National Healthy Living Summit


Community Service Recognition 

Helping Hands certificates honor youth ages 5 – 10 who turn in a service log. Youth that complete up to 10 hours of service in a one-year period also receive a community service pin. (indicated by *)

  • Makalyn Lewis*
  • Jaxon Swiger*
  • Josiah Swiger*
  • Morgan Wicker*

Making a Difference certificates honor youth ages 11 – 15 who turn in a service log. Youth that complete up to 25 hours of service in a one-year period also receive a community service pin. (indicated by *)

  • Emilee Allison*
  • Erin Carmicle*
  • Katie Daley*
  • Ali Evans*
  • Cate Evans*
  • Grace Hall
  • Marissa Hendershot
  • Brayden Keeney*
  • Miryan Lewis*
  • Jordyne Lockhart
  • Mallory Marks*
  • Tessa Prunty
  • Cyleigh Sampson*
  • Austin Sponaugle*

True Leaders in Service certificates honor youth ages 16 and older who turn in a service log. Youth that complete up to 50 hours of service in a one-year period also receive a community service pin. (indicated by *)

  • Emma Daley*
  • Zach Smith
  • Alayna Wood*

Presidential Service Awards – This award is issued on behalf of the President of the United States to recognize the best in American spirit, and to encourage all Americans to improve their communities through volunteer service and civic participation. Along with a personalized certificate and pin, recipients also receive a congratulatory letter from the president of the United States. 

Bronze – youth ages 5 – 10 with 26-49 hours, teen ages 11-15 with 50-74 hours, and young adults ages 16-25 with 100-174 hours of service in a one-year period.

First Name Last Name Category Level



































Young Adult


Gold – youth ages 5 – 10 with 75+ hours, teen ages 11-15 with 100+ hours, and young adults ages 16-25 with 250+ hours of service in a one-year period.

First Name Last Name Category Level


























Project Medals - 2 or more years of project completion - application must be completed.

  • Blaine Garrison – Beef
  • Camryn McLain – Cooking
  • Mackenzie Moles – Outdoor Adventures
  • Gavin Pigott – Goat
  • Jordan Riddle – Beef & Cooking
  • Josiah Swiger – Bicycle & First Aid
  • Morgan Wicker – Beef, Sheep, & Swine

Silver Project Pin – Must have completed three years in the project and complete a club and county visual presentation in the project area.

  • Blaine Garrison - Beef

Gold Project Pin – Must have completed two-three years in the project and a club, county and state visual presentation in the project area.

  • Morgan Wicker - Sheep

Rising Star Awards

This award recognizes young people who show great leadership potential and excellence in 4-H project work and community service. 

  • Jade Ellison
  • Cameron Shore

Outstanding 4-H Members - County Winners

Junior grades 3-5

  • Male: Gavin Pigott
  • Female: Morgan Wicker

Intermediate grades 6-8

  • Male: Lucas Lewellyn
  • Female: Jordan Riddle

Senior grade 9 to age 21

  • Male: Austin Sponaugle 
  • Female: Ambreia Griffith

4h outstanding member awards

Prudential Spirit of the Community Certificates of Merit

The Prudential Award honors young people with Certificates of Merit for outstanding service to their communities.  These individuals are receiving the award of merit because of their commendable record of service.

  • Brayden Keeney
  • Paul Smith

Prudential Spirit of the Community Achievement Award

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards honor young people in middle level and high school grades for outstanding volunteer service to their communities.  More than a volunteer service award, the Prudential Spirit of the Community Award also looks at innovative ideas and the amount of leadership involved in the community service projects.

Our Wood County Prudential Spirit of the Community Achievement Award winner for this year is being nominated for her outstanding service. She took leadership on a teen leader service project – presenting the idea of making mats for the homeless – and turned that idea into a countywide project. She wrote and received a grant to make looms, taught classes on how to make “Plarn” and worked with her dad to get the looms constructed. This year’s recipient of the Prudential Spirit of the Community Achievement Awards is:

  • Emma Daley

4h prudential award winners

Our 2019-2020 Royalty will serve another year, along with new Royalty selected this year. They were recognized at last year’s awards banquet.

2020-2021 4-H Royalty – Royalty candidates apply and their activity records are given to an outside person to judge and select finalists. 

  • JR. PRINCESS: Kenzy Biddle
  • SR. PRINCESS: Cyleigh Sampson
  • JR. PRINCE: Kole Biddle
  • SR. PRINCE: Cameron Shore
  • KING: Isaac Lent
  • QUEEN: Ambreia Griffith

image of 4-H award winners