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Wood County 4-H Still Project Exhibit Winners 2019

4h project exhibit wood county

Wood County 4-H and members showcased project work at the WV Interstate Fair and Exposition last week. Members work all year on their projects, and then compete at the county fair. Project exhibits range from sewing to rockets, with hundreds of project areas to choose. The 4-Hprogram teaches life skills like how to sew, cook, and more. Project work in 4-H connects youth to their interests - building skills for future interests and even careers.

Technology and Engineering:

Best of Show: Austin Kent

Rockets Away: 1st– Austin Kent

Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry: 1st Lilly Burkey, 2nd Jaxon Thomas, 3rd Brayden Thompson

Mechanical Sciences:

Best of Show: Paul Smith

Bicycling for Fun 1 Year 1: 1st Josiah Swiger

Electricity: 1st Ali Evans

Measuring Up Year 3: 1st Paul Smith, 2nd Riley Garrison

Natural Resources and Environment:

Best of Show: Lucas Lewellyn

Take the Bait: 1st Jordan Dearth

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: 1st Brady Gains

Tree Identification: 1st Lucas Lewellyn, 2nd Laekyn McLaughlin

Leadership and Community Involvement:

Best of Show: Emma Daley

My Leadership Journal Grades 6-8 Year 1: 1st Cate Evans, 2nd Erin Carmicle, 3rd Audrey Sundstrom

My Leadership Journal Grades 6-8 Year 3: 1st Tessa Prunty

Teen Leadership Project 9th Grade: 1st Katie Daley, 2nd Cyleigh Sampson, 3rd Jayla Gard

Teen Leader Project 10th Grade: 1st Dalton Frame

Teen Leader Project 11th Grade: 1st Emma Daley, 2nd Kelsey Clegg

Teen Leader Project 12th Grade: 1st Mikala Fling

Leisure and Cultural Education:

Best of Show: Mackenzie Moles

Outdoor Adventures – Hiking Trails Book 1 Year 1: 1st Mackenzie Moles

Outdoor Adventures – Hiking Trails Book 1 Year 2: 1st Emma Casto

Exploring 4-H: 1st Jennessa Lewellyn

Health and Safety:

Best of Show: Josiah Swiger

Health 1 – First Aid in Action: 1st Josiah Swiger

Individual and Family Resources:

Best of Show: Marissa Hendershot

My Financial Future Advanced Youth Notebook: 1st Miranda Reed

Cooking 101 Year 1: 1st Lilly Sundstrom, 2nd Jayla Riddle, 3rd Camryn McLain

Cooking 101 Year 2: 1st Erin Carmicle, 2nd Jordan Riddle, 3rd Shayleigh Gard

Sewing – Under Construction Book 1 Year 1: 1st Michelle Sampson, 2nd Audrey Kent, 3rd Samantha Thompson

Sewing – Fashion Forward Book 2 Year 1: 1st Marissa Hendershot

Communication Arts and Sciences:

Best of Show: Carter McLain

Focus on Photography 1: 1st Carter McLain

This is 4-H:

Best of Show: Kole Biddle

This is 4-H: 1st Kole Biddle, 2nd Douglas Casto, 3rd Josiah Swiger

4h exhibit wood county

Best of Show: Jordyne Lockhart

Self-Determined Intermediate: 1st Jordyne Lockhart, 2nd Brayden Keeney, 3rd Kylee Caplinger

Self-Determined Advanced: 1st Haleigh Kent, 2nd Anna Smith, 3rd Layne Lockhart

Shooting Sports:

Air Rifle: 1st Alayna Wood, 2nd Christian Lockhart

Muzzleloader: 1st Miranda Reed

My Favorite Things: 1st Whitney Griffith

Know Your State:

Best of Show: Noah Forshey

Know Your State: 1st Noah Forshey, 2nd Jayden Dearth, 3rd Sidney Roach

Animal Science Still Projects:

Best of Show: Grace Hall

Wiggles and Wags – Dog 1: 1st Joshlynn Miller

Pet Pals – Pets 1 Year 1: 1st Myah Tice, 2nd Jayden Flinn

Pet Pals – Pet 1 Year 2: 1st Kailynn Anderson, 2nd Brayden Griffith

Vet Science Year 1: 1st Grace Hall