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Wood County Roundup Winners Announced

Wood County Roundup was held at the March and April meetings of the Wood County 4-H Leaders' Association.

two girls and one boy reciting the 4-H pledge young lady preparing to give her 4-H speech at podium two teenage girls giving 4-H presentation in front of powerpoint screen

The following 4-H members presented and received awards. 

Speaking Contest
Blue Ribbon Winner: Molly Miller-Garrison

Visual Presentations
Blue Ribbon winners: Miranda Reed, Kylie and Cassidy Moore

4-H Pledge Recitation
Conner Forshey- Cloverbud, Olivia Tice- Cloverbud, Lucy Matthey- Cloverbud

Cloverbud Art Competition
Jansen Dearth, Jordan Dearth

Drawing Jr. Division
1st Place: Jackson Dearth
2nd Place:  Jayden Dearth
3rd Place: Jordan Dearth
Blue Ribbons: Shayleigh Gard, Shynne Dearth, Jayden Dearth, Jackson Dearth

Crafts Jr. Division
1st Place:  Jackson Dearth
2nd Place: Shayleigh Gard
3rd Place: Shayleigh Gard

Sketches Jr. Division
1st Place: Jayla Gard

Sketches Sr. Division
1st Place: Jamie Lambert
2nd Place: Jamie Lambert

Painting Jr. Division
1st Place: Jayla Gard

Paper Art Jr. Division
1st Place: Jayden Dearth