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Wirt County Community Hope Garden

Use the Community Hope Garden to freely grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables

Raised beds in the community garden blooming with plants including peas and okra.

In 2017, Wirt County leaders, volunteers, and sponsors joined together to create the Community Hope Garden. The raised bed garden provides an area for residents of Wirt County to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, learn about best gardening practices, and earn community service hours.

Raised beds make gardening easier by providing a smaller controlled area to weed, simple garden planning, and improved soil structure. Standing raised beds are modified structures that make it easier for individuals with mobility issues to experience the joys of gardening. Both structures are available for use at the Community Hope Garden.

The Community Hope Garden also provides a gathering place for educational events related to gardening. Planned workshops include soil fertility, garden planning, disease detection, utilizing produce, and selling produce at area farmers markets.

The beds, soil, and water are provided at minimal cost with the expectation community members provide the plants and upkeep of the site.

Residents who are interested in growing their own produce in a 4' x 8' raised bed at the Community Hope Garden should contact the WVU Wirt County Extension Office at 304-275-3101.


  • 4' x 8' Traditional Bed - $10.00
  • Small Standing Raised Beds - $5.00
This cost helps cover the water fee for the garden. Once an application has been accepted, payment can be made preferably by check. Checks should be made payable to "Community Resources".

Beds being utilized for educational purposes by teachers and their students are free.

Community Garden Features

The Community Hope Garden provides spaces for individuals and families to grow produce, enjoy nature and gather together. Their are several amenities provided for use at no cost.

The Little Free Library Take a Book - Return a Book Charter # 42416 A Nonprofit organization.One of the primary purposes of the Hope Garden is education. The addition of a lending library at the garden makes it easy for families and individuals to access books. Come enjoy an evening of gardening and read of the books or stop by and take one home. The "Take a Book - Return a Book" policy ensures there will always be something new to dive into.

Fire Pit

Wirt Fire PitThe founders of the Community Hope Garden wanted to encourage people to come together as a community and use the area as much as possible. For this reason, there is a large fire pit available on site. The metal pit was created by the Wirt County High School Agricultural Education Program in 2017.

Standing Raised Beds

Standing beds at the wirt county commmunity gardenFor people who struggle with mobility issues, gardening can seem like an out-of-reach task. The community garden offers a solution by providing smaller standing beds designed to make gardening easier and more enjoyable.

Traditional Raised Beds

Raised garden beds at the wirt county community hope gardenRaised bed gardening allows more control over your soil and easier garden planning. The Community Hop Garden offers 18 traditional style raised garden beds.

Upcoming Community Hope Garden Events

No events available at this time.