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4-H Heritage Quilt Trail

The Wayne County 4-H Heritage Quilt Trail is a community service initiative led by the Wayne County 4-H Ambassadors Team, a group of local high school teens active in the Wayne County 4-H Program. Their goal is to become more civically involved and to strengthen the influence of 4-H throughout the county.

Our Project

The purpose of the quilt trail was to establish a long lasting, county-wide beautification project.

What We’ve Achieved

  • Increased skills in public speaking, construction and painting and garnered local support
  • Conducted over 20 presentations to local leaders to promote the trail
  • Conducted a workshop at the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents in Portland, Oregon in October 2015
  • Conducted a workshop at the State CEOS Conference in Weston, WV in October 2016
  • Secured nearly $2,000 in support from the WV Humanities Council to support the expansion of the trail
  • Caught the attention of WVU President E. Gordon Gee, who commissioned the team to make a quilt block for him
  • Increased interest of county residents to join and support the trail.

Quilt Trail

Below is a list of quilt blocks presently on the trail.

Ceredo C-K Middle School Quilt Block

Owner: C-K Middle School
Location: 500 High St, Ceredo, WV 25507
Pattern: Rain Dance

Dunlow Dunlow Community Center Quilt Block

Owner: Dunlow Community Center
Location: 1475 Left Fork Dunlow Bypass Rd, Dunlow, WV 25511
Pattern: Party Hats

East Lynn Mills Quilt Block

Owner: Lydia Jane Mills
Location: Camp Creek Road
Pattern: Clay’s Choice

Fort Gay Betler Quilt Block

Owner: Jo Ann Betler
Location: 500 Greenbrier Creek Road
Pattern: Lemoyne Star “Improved”

Owner: Bill & Dorothy Stewart
Location: 1263 Greenbrier Creek Road
Pattern: Unknown

Genoa Genoa Elementary School Quilt Block

Owner: Genoa Elementary School
Location: 21269 WV-152, Genoa, WV 25517
Pattern: School Blocks

Kenova Hoback Quilt Block

Owner: Debbie & John Hoback
Location: Kenova
Pattern: Star

Kenova Town Hall Quilt Block

Owner: Kenova Town Hall
Location: Kenova Town Hall
Pattern: Town Center Star

Lavalette Tractor Supply Quilt Block

Owner: Tractor Supply Lavalette
Location: 4942 W Virginia Route 152, Lavalette WV 25535
Pattern: Grandmother’s Choice

Prichard Leonard & Patricia Napier Quilt Block

Owner: Leonard & Patricia Napier
Location: 431 Rocklick Branch Road, Prichard WV 25555
Pattern: Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill

Willis Farm Quilt Block

Owner: Rick & Jessica Willis
Location: 145 Quail Run Road, Prichard WV 25555
Pattern: Belt Buckle

Compton Quilt Block

Owner: Bob & Rhonda Compton
Location: 1892 Centerville Road,Prichard WV 25555
Pattern: Summer Star Flower

Compton Quilt Block 2

Owner: Bob & Rhonda Compton
Location: 1892 Centerville Road, Prichard WV 25555
Pattern: Flower Petals

"Lone Star" Barn Quilt in Wayne County

Owner: Jeremy, Sara, and Ella Plybon
Location: 2960 Centerville Road, Prichard WV 25555
Pattern: Lone Star

Wayne Wayne County Extension Office Quilt Block

Owner: Wayne County 4-H Program
Location: 27572 East Lynn Road (Extension Office), Wayne WV 25570
Pattern: Card Trick

Eric & Paula Napier Quilt Block

Owner: Eric & Paula Napier
Location: 6834 Whites Creek Road, Wayne WV 25570
Pattern: Broken Texas Star

Urlings Building Quilt Block

Owner: Wayne County Housing Authority
Location: Urlings Building, Wayne WV 25560 
Pattern: Ohio Star

Wayne Apartments Quilt Block

Owner: Wayne County Housing Authority
Location: Wayne Apartments
Pattern: Interlocking Chains

Crockett Quilt Block

Owner: Bruce & Nancy Crockett
Location: 1118 Right Fork Wilson Creek
Pattern: Dresden Plate

Wayne County Board of Ed Quilt Block

Owner: Wayne County Board of Education
Location: 212 North Court Street
Pattern: School House

Wayne County Commission Quilt Block

Owner: Wayne County Commission
Location: grounds of the Wayne County Courthouse
Pattern: West Virginia block with center feature

Horse Show Arena Quilt Block

Owner: Wayne County 4-H Horse Program
Location: Shirley Burgess Park Rte 152
Pattern: A Dandy

Williamson Barn Quilt Block

Owner: Jerry Williamson

Parsons Quilt Block

Owner: Linda & Eugene Parsons

Westmoreland County Fair Quilt Block

Owner: Camden Park
Location: 5000 Waverly Road
Pattern: County Fair

Quilts Constructed by the team that are
located outside of Wayne County

Cabell County

Owner: Laura Hazlett
Location: Mount Union
Pattern: Oregon Trail

Putnam County Putnam Quilt Block

Owner: Carol Costello
Location: Putnam County
Pattern: Star of Hope

Columbus, Ohio Gee Quilt Block

Owner: WVU President E. Gordon Gee
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Pattern: Hartford

Hardy County Williams Barn Quilt

Owner: Jennifer & Bob Williams
Location: Hardy County
Pattern: Country Farm

Owner: Jennifer & Bob Williams
Location: Hardy County
Pattern: Weather Vane