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Mineral County Community Educational Outreach Service

A statewide club supporting West Virginia since 1914

Over the past decade, West Virginia CEOS members performed more than 5.6 million hours of service for communities in need.

WVCEOS is a voluntary, nonprofit organization functioning in cooperation with the West Virginia University Extension Service. It is one of the largest educational organizations in the nation.

CEOS program areas of emphasis include preserving the environment, building family strengths, and increasing awareness of our global interdependence.

Through dedicated service, continued education and leadership development, CEOS members strengthen individuals, families and communities across West Virginia.

In West Virginia, the first club (then a Farm Women’s Club) was established on December 14, 1914. Today, more than 3,500 members participate in this outstanding program, available in all 55 counties.

Members of WVCEOS are people like you!

Together, members conduct and participate in motivating educational activities that help members continue education, gain leadership skills and inspire community involvement.

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Mineral County CEOS Clubs and Locations

Member Materials


Updated yearly, the handbook lists officers, contacts and other important information.


CEOS Lessons

Recruitment for county offices

CEOS Brochure—Learn more about what it means to be a CEOS member.
CEOS Press Release—fill in the blank and submit to your county paper to recruit new members.

Information for running a club

2016 CEOS Guidelines Book—Download for rules, tax information, bylaws, historical information and financial best practices.

CEOS Lessons

  • Keyser Area Invitation 2017
  • 2017 Registration Form
  • Health Form
  • President Responsibilities
  • Vice President Responsibilities
  • Secretary Responsibilities
  • Family Committee Responsibilities & Plan of Action
  • Marketing & Membership Responsibilities