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Gardening is a Way to Connect to Your Appalachian Roots

Purple flowers are shown along the sidewalk in the State Fair Master Gardener Demo Garden, other colorful flowers are in the background.

Dear Friends and Garden Enthusiasts, 

A new year always brings a renewed sense of purpose and spirit. Gardening truly feeds our body and our soul. Growing fresh foods and vegetables creates community and fuels better health. 
For Appalachians, gardening also is a deeply rooted art form in our culture (hence the title of this year’s calendar - “Back to Our Roots”). To celebrate this heritage, our 2024 garden calendar features a look at some of our traditional, staple crops that hail from Appalachia, as well as some of the lesser known “wild” vegetables that can be added to our garden bounty. 
As always, you’ll find interesting articles written by our experts, as well as planting tips, recipes and other great information to make the most of your gardening experience. Our WVU Extension agents and staff are happy to help you grow a plentiful bounty. Feel free to contact your local county office with any questions. 
Best wishes for a healthy harvest and wonderful growing season! 


Jorge H. Atiles, PhD 
Dean of Extension and Engagement 
WVU Extension