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Garden Management

Lady beetle example.

Beneficial Insects Commonly Encountered by Gardeners

In the United States, there are approximately 91,000 described species of insects. They can provide vital ecological services, such as pollination, pest control, decomposition and maintenance of wildlife species. 

Cold injury on tomato leaves (dead areas between the veins) in a high tunnel without supplemental heating.

Common Abiotic and Biotic Problems Encountered in Indoor-grown Seedlings and Transplants

Many home gardeners and small growers in West Virginia as well as commercial growers start seedlings indoors. But, these indoor growing conditions may lead to other problems due to the lack of options to manipulate temperature, humidity and light intensity.

Companion planting with tomatoes, etc.

Companion Planting

Like people, some plants thrive surrounded by others. Companion planting is the practice of growing several types of crops near one another to enhance crop production.

A close up of a beetle insect pest on a plant.

Controlling Garden Pests Year-round

Get expert recommendations for healthier plants, better yields and less stress for you, the grower, all year long.  

person raking leaves to get lawn and garden ready for fall

Getting Ready for Fall

Putting the garden to bed in fall is the first step to a successful garden the following spring. Around the lawn, fall also makes a good time for some general cleanup and preparation for next year.

Five Recommendations to Prepare for Next Year
Three Fall Cleanup Tasks for Next Spring
Strawberry plant with a few small strawberry fruits sprouting.

Getting Strawberry Plants Ready for Winter

Strawberries are a great crop for the backyard garden or farm. Strawberries should be mulched in the fall to protect plants from winter injury in West Virginia.

Overgrown English ivy along a landscaping retaining wall.

Invasive Species in Your Landscape

As gardeners expand their landscapes with new plants with a variety of colors, shapes and textures, non-native plants increase in popularity. Trouble arises when these plants become invasive, taking over the garden and nearby areas.

hands planting seeds in garden

Succession Planting

Succession planting allows you to maximize yield through strategic planting.

bag of garden fertilizer

Too Much of a Good Thing? Garden Fertilization Tips

A healthy garden soil is one that receives a lot of care and attention. Proper fertilization is all about the right time, the right place and the right amount.

young woman and middle age man plant bulbs

Fall Planting or Spring Planting

People often wonder when the best time to plant is – fall or spring. Both seasons are excellent for planting trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials.

Fall Planting
Fall Planting Tips
Spring Planting
Spring Planting Tips
Cucumbers grow on a wire garden fence.

Wildlife Pest Fencing for Gardens

Protecting your garden against mammal and birds is important to make sure your plants can thrive during the growing season.