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Creative Gardening

male and female gardeners hand touching seedling black crate

Container Gardening

Growing plants in containers is a great option for anyone limited by space, mobility or soil conditions.

close up of hand watering plant

Gardening with Limited Space

Many people do not have a large area to grow a traditional vegetable garden. However, even those who live in a small apartment or have a shared outdoor space can grow vegetables, flowers and herbs in window boxes, small planters or hanging baskets.

pizza with vegetables on top

Grow Your Own Pizza Garden

Did you know that many pizza ingredients come from the garden? Tomatoes, basil, oregano, sweet bell peppers, garlic and onions are just a few of the vegetables that you might find on a slice of pizza.

salad in white bowl on wooden table with vegetables in the background

Grow Your Own Salad Garden

Fresh, green salads are great when they come fresh from the garden. All great vegetables found in salads are very easy to grow.

raised bed garden

Raised Bed Gardening

With the sloped terrain in West Virginia, raised beds are an excellent way to use terraced hillsides for gardening.

Yellow daffodils growing in flower bed.

Using Bulbs to Beautify Your Garden

Bulbs can add beauty to your garden year after year. Hardy bulbs signal spring’s arrival, while tender bulbs fill and add color and texture to your summer garden.