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West Virginia State Fire Academy

About the Fire Service Extension

Volunteer fire departments comprise a majority of firefighters in communities across the state. When seconds count, training matters—and our WVU Fire Service Extension provides expert guidance to use in critical situations and gives homeowners insight on fire prevention and readiness.

Fire training became part of the WVU Extension Service in 1974. In the last 35 years, WVU Fire Service Extension has developed many new training courses and standardized curricula, introduced National Fire Academy courses, offered national qualification testing and certifications and trained firefighters in regional schools and at the annual State Fire School.

The 25,752-square-foot facility contains two wings—an office and classroom wing for faculty and staff and a bay area for indoors training.

Offices and classrooms (15,665 sq. ft.) comprise:

  • 4 administrative offices
  • 6 cubicle offices
  • 2 classrooms (24 seats each)
  • 30-seat distance learning room
  • Conference room and library
  • Lounge and dining area

Training arena (8,000 sq. ft.) includes:

  • 100’ x 80’ x 50’ area
  • Large doors to allow fire apparatus and other vehicles into the facility