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Berkeley County Pesticide Recertification

Check Pesticide Credits Online

You can check how many pesticide credits you have and renew online with a credit card. Visit the W.Va. Department of Agriculture Plants website . As a certified applicator/business, you can create an account and logon to view and manage your certification. Commercial applicators must earn 20 credits per category every three (3) years. Private applicators must earn 10 credits every three (3) years.

  • If you are a registered user, logon with your existing username and password. If you forgot your password, click the Forgot Password button.  Supply either your username or your WVPlants ID and your password will be emailed to you. Your username is your license number. Certified public applicator license numbers begin with the letter “O” not the number zero. Your password is the first three letters of your last name, (case sensitive) plus the last four digits of your social security number.
  • If you have never registered, click the Login/Register button, then click the Register button. You will need your WVPlants ID as well as your PIN to register.
  • Once you are logged onto WVPlants, click on shopping cart on the top menu bar. Or, click on the online shopping cart button displayed at the bottom of your home page.
  • In the shopping cart, your certifications and licenses available for renewal are displayed. Click on the Select check box on the left of the item(s) you wish to renew. Then click the Add Selected Items to Cart button.
  • Verify your License Information such as address and telephone number. To confirm, click the Verification Needed link to the left of each item. Make necessary corrections. Click the Accept and Continue button. The license will now be marked as Completed.
  • Checkout. When all items in your shopping cart have been verified, the Proceed to Checkout button will become active. Click this button, and on the following page, supply your credit card type and other required information. Click the Charge Credit Card button to finalize your transaction and renew your license(s).
  • Receive Confirmation Email. Once your credit card has been processed, you will get a confirmation email.  You will be redirected to the confirmation page and can print your license(s).

You may renew beginning November 1st, each year (if you are eligible). The WV Department of Agriculture will mail paper renewals to those that have not renewed online after December 1st. If you have questions on pesticide application for commercial or private application, please call 304-558-2209 the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Regulatory Programs office.

Contact the Berkeley Extension office to get private applicator updates.