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Berkeley County Farm & Livestock

Livestock Indemnity Program

The Livestock Indemnity Program provides benefits to livestock producers for livestock deaths in excess of normal mortality caused by adverse weather or by attacks by animals reintroduced into the wild by the Federal Government. LIP payments are equal to 75 percent of the average fair market value of the livestock. Contact your local USDA Farm Service Agency office, or visit the USDA LIP Program webpage.

Livestock Tagging

Livestock tagging is required. Producers should visit the West Virginia Department of Ag Animal Disease Traceability webpage for complete regulations and tagging instructions. Or you may contact the Department WV Dept of Ag by phone (304) 558-3550.

Livestock Owner Shipper Requirement

WV Title 61 requires that breeding sheep and goats being exhibited in WV must either obtain a certificate of veterinary inspection or have an Honor Herd or Honor Flock certificate. For complete regulations, discussion of requirements, and certificates, visit the WV Dept of Ag Health Requirements for Imports and Fairs webpage. View the 2020 West Virginia Import Requirements

Biosecurity (W.Va. Dept of Agriculture)

Know and follow biosecurity guidelines and regulations to protect West Virginia farms.

USDA Premise ID

Premise registration is a valuable tool to include in your overall animal health management program. It is a modern, streamlined information system that helps producers and animal health officials respond quickly and effectively to disease outbreaks or animal health events in the United States. 
Please complete the West Virginia Premise ID Form; or call the WV Dept of Ag at 304-558-2214 if you wish to register your premise.