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State 4-H Weekend Camps - Early Bird Registration to Begin Nov. 1.

It's almost time to register for four of our weekend camps – 4-H Code Camp, Dance Weekend, Teen Leader Weekend, and Young Adult Conference. Early bird registration for each of these camps will be November 1 through November 4 at midnight. If you register in that time frame, you will receive a $50 discount.

4-H Code Camp

Smartphone apps, robots, video games, movies – the world runs on code. During the 4-H Code Camp, campers will learn computer science topics like drones, cyber security, and computer animation.

Learn about 4-H Code Camp

Dance Weekend

Dance Weekend provides learning experiences that will challenge interested 4-H’ers at their skill level. Campers will learn a variety of heritage and folk dances.

Learn about Dance Weekend

Teen Leader Weekend

4-H members who are 13-18 will gain personal development experiences to help them better understand themselves and gain more confidence as leaders.

Learn about Teen Leader Weekend

Young Adult Conference

YAC provides an environment for young adults to remain involved with 4-H after youth membership and promotes leadership roles in the program.

Learn about Young Adult Conference