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4-H & FFA Livestock Show Results 2018

4h livestock contest showmen

4h livestock master showman

Livestock show results are posted. Completed project results for livestock will be published once record guides are received and graded. Record guides are due Friday, July 27, 2018. The record guides are required to complete the 4-H Livestock Project. Congratulations to all of our livestock exhibitors on a great year! Thank you to all of the local businesses who supported our Youth Livestock Sale!

Austin Shawver Master Showman Contest

This year six of our elite showmen competed for the title of "Master Showman" at the 4th Annual Austin Shawver Master Showman Contest. Steffan Affolter represented goats, Walker Cain represented poultry, Layne Lockhart represented rabbits, Haleigh Kent represented lambs, Tristin Radcliff represented swine, and Sarah Huffman represented beef. It was a close competition lasting nearly two hours; however, Haleigh Kent came out on top and earned the right to be called "Master Showman" for 2018!

Rabbit Show Results

Best of Breeds

California: Sr. Doe – Alyssa Tennant

New Zealand: Sr. Doe – Kamran Lockhart

Lionhead: Sr. Buck – Layne Lockhart

American Chinchilla: Sr. Doe – Maddison Lewis

Satin: Jr. Buck – Maddison Lewis

Rex: Sr. Buck – Maddison Lewis

Mini Rex: Jr. Doe – Jamie Lambert

Netherland Dwarf: Sr. Doe – Alyssa Tennant

Holland Lop: Sr. Doe – Laekyn McLaughlin


Advanced: Grand – Layne Lockhart. Reserve – Tiffany Wheeler

Intermediate: Grand – Alyssa Tennant. Reserve – Kamran Lockhart

Beginner: Grand – Maddison Lewis. Reserve – Laekyn McLaughlin

Best of Show

California Sr. Doe: Grand Champion – Alyssa Tennant. Reserve Champion – Kamran Lockhart

Champion Market Pen

Grand Champion – Kamran Lockhart

Reserve Champion – Tiffany Wheeler

Litter Pen

Grand Champion – Alyssa Tennant

Reserve Champion – Tiffany Wheeler

Poultry Show Results


Advanced: Grand – Walker Cain. Reserve – Wyatt Eaton

Intermediate: Grand – Marissa Hendershot. Reserve – Jacob Barrett

Beginner: Grand – Isaac Blair. Reserve – Remington Blair

Market Turkeys

Grand Champion – Marissa Hendershot

Reserve Champion – Emily Kent 

Market Chickens

Grand Champion – Emily Kent

Reserve Champion – Remington Blair

Goat Show Results


17 and under: Grand – Layne Lockhart. Reserve – Steffan Affolter

14 - 16: Grand – Jordyne Lockhart. Reserve – Grace Kent

>11 - 13: Grand – Evan Kent. Reserve – Audrey Kent

10 and under: Grand – Kennedy Stephens. Reserve – Joshua Steele

Market Goat

Grand Champion – Evan Kent

Reserve Champion – Jalynne Kelley

Lamb Show Results


17 and Older: Grand – Layne Lockhart. Reserve – Haleigh Kent

14 - 16: Grand – Jordyne Lockhart. Reserve – Olivia Mullen

11 - 13: Grand – Hollie Smith. Reserve – Kayden Marshall

10 and under: Grand – Matthew Mullen. Reserve – Kyra Bell

Market Lambs

Grand Champion – Jalynne Kelley

Reserve Champion – Taya Davis

Swine Show Results


17 and Older: Grand – Tristin Radcliff. Reserve – Shane Galland

14 - 16: Grand – Hailey Payne. Reserve – Jeremiah Blackwell

11 - 13: Grand – Hollie Smith. Reserve – Mallory Marks

10 and under: Grand – Matthew Mullen. Reserve – Koa Navarro

Market Hogs

Grand Champion – Reagan Parsons

Reserve Champion – Haleigh Kent

Beef Show Results

17 and Older: Grand – Sarah Huffman. Reserve – Steffan Affolter

14 - 16: Grand – Colton Parsons. Reserve – Grace Kent

11 - 13: Grand – Aiden Blake. Reserve – Zane Taylor

10 and under: Grand – Houston Wright. Reserve – Jack Kinzy

Beef Breeding Projects

Grand Champion – Sarah Huffman

Reserve Champion – Shane Galland

Feeder Calf Heifer

Grand Champion – Sarah Huffman

Reserve Champion – Aiden Blake

Feeder Calf Steer

Grand Champion – Shane Galland

Reserve Champion – Holley McBride

Market Steer

Grand Champion – Colton Parsons

Reserve Champion – Austin Kent

Horse Show Results

Western Pleasure

Senior Division – Grand Champion: Steffan Affolter; Reserve Champion – Caroline Affolter

Junior Division – Grand Champion: Dalton Becker; Reserve Champion – Rochel Young


Junior Division – Grand Champion: Marissa Hendershot

Miniature Horses

Grand Champion: Bo Brissey

Reserve Champion: Heather Powell

Special Recognition

Bubba Smith Memorial Scholarship – Haleigh Kent and Olivia Smith
Wood County Jr. Livestock Scholarship – Haleigh Kent, Cierra Richter, and Megan Melrose
Austin Shawver Memorial Scholarship – Molly Miller-Garrison
Market Steer Rate of Gain Award Sponsored by Wood County Beef Improvement – Luke Harper
Market Steer Weight Guess Award Sponsored by Bob & Crystal Sponaugle – Taya Davis
Beef Clean Stall Award Sponsored by Kent Welding and Rocky and Dee Peck – Sr. Alyssa Tennant and Jr. Aiden Blake
Market Lamb Poster Contest – Kyra Bell, 1st Place; Layne Lockhart, 2nd Place; Dalton Becker, 3rd Place.
Market Goats Clean Pen Award Sponsored by Quickcare – Grace Kent, 1st Place; Brooklyn Affolter, 2nd Place; Emily Kent, 3rd Place.
Poultry Clean Pen Award Sponsored by Nancy Lupardus – Remington Blair
Rural King sponsored $20 gift cards to each Livestock Exhibitor
Tractor Supply sponsored sawdust and buckets for all Showmanship winners

Skillathon Results

Prizes Sponsored by Rural King


  • Zane Taylor
  • Gracie Kent
  • Brent Bosley


  • Audrey Kent
  • Hailey Payne
  • Koa Navarro


  • Audrey Kent
  • Gracie Kent
  • Jordan Riddle


  • Austin Kent
  • Brent Bosley
  • Miryan Lewis


  • Remington Blair
  • Makalyn Lewis
  • Miryan Lewis

Ag Olympics

Prizes Sponsored by Rural King

Milk Chug – Kamran Lockhart & Austin Kent

Egg & Spoon – Kamran Lockhart

Egg Toss – Colton Parsons & Aiden Blake

Sun Flower Spitting – Aiden Blake

Hay Bale Toss – Kamran Lockhart

Achievement in Livestock Award

Recognition of members who have reached their final livestock show as a 4-H or FFA exhibitor.

Steffan Affolter

Haley Garrison

Tristin Radcliff