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Still Project Exhibit Awards 2018

4h exhibit

4h exhibit

4-H Still Project Exhibit Awards 2018

There were 106 Still Projects exhibited at the WV Interstate Fair & Exposition. Projects with a score ranging from 90-100 received a Blue Exhibit Ribbon; projects with a score ranging form 80-89 received a Red Exhibit Ribbon; projects with a score ranging from 70-79 received a White Exhibit Ribbon, and projects scoring below 70 received a Green Exhibit Ribbon.

Each project area awarded Premium Ribbons with monetary prizes to the top three scoring exhibits. First Place received $3; Second Place $2; and Third Place $1. Only Blue and Red Exhibit Ribbons can received premiums.

Each project division also had a Best of Show. In the fall, all projects receiving Blue Ribbons and Premiums will receive additional camp scholarship dollars from the Wood County 4-H Leaders' Association. All Blue Ribbon projects will advance to the State Fair of WV and receive a State Fair Blue Ribbon and $3.50 per ribbon will be given at the fall Awards Banquet in November.

The State Fair chooses 10 Best of Show exhibits from the whole state that will be on display throughout the fair. Congratulations to all of our project winners and best of luck to all of our Blue Ribbon Exhibit Winners advancing to State Fair competition!

Plant Sciences and Crops:

Best of Show: Erin Carmicle.

Strawberry Planting: Blue Ribbon – Erin Carmicle. First Place – Erin Carmicle.

Mechanical Sciences:

Best of Show: Steffan Affolter.

Crank It Up Year 1: Green Ribbon – Joseph Frazier.

Bicycling for Fun 1 Year 1: Blue Ribbon – Anna Smith, Kennedy Stephens. Red Ribbon – Gavin Pigott. White Ribbon – Makenzie (Drew) Towner. First Place – Anna Smith. Second Place – Kennedy Stephens. Third Place – Gavin Pigott.

Electricity: Blue Ribbon – Lucas Lewellyn. First Place – Lucas Lewellyn.

Measuring Up Year 1:   Blue Ribbon – Alisha Ramme, Ryley Louden. Green Ribbon – Joseph Frazier. First Place – Alisha Ramme. Second Place – Ryley Louden.

Measuring Up Year 2: Blue Ribbon – Steffan Affolter, Remington Blair, Paul Smith, Riley Garrison. First Place – Steffan Affolter. Second Place – Remington Blair. Third Place – Paul Smith.

Natural Resources and Environment:

Best of Show: Jordan Dearth.

Trapping: Red Ribbon – Carter McLain. First Place – Carter McLain.

Take the Bait: Blue Ribbon – Jordan Dearth. First Place – Jordan Dearth.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Blue Ribbon – Miryan Lewis. First Place – Miryan Lewis.

Leadership and Community Involvement:

Best of Show: Mikala Fling.

My Leadership Journal Grades 6-8 Year 1: Blue Ribbon – Jayla Gard, Hanna Starcher. Red Ribbon – Tessa Prunty. Green Ribbon – Austin Sponaugle. First Place – Jayla Gard. Second Place – Hanna Starcher. Third Place – Tessa Prunty.

My Leadership Journal Grades 6-8 Year 2: Blue Ribbon – Katie Daley, Jackson Dearth, Mallory Marks. First Place – Katie Daley. Second Place – Jackson Dearth. Third Place – Mallory Marks.

Teen Leadership Project 9th Grade: Blue Ribbon – Dalton Frame. Red Ribbon – Ambreia Griffith. Green Ribbon – Jenna Harr. First Place – Dalton Frame. Second Place – Ambreia Griffith.

Teen Leader Project 10th Grade: Blue Ribbon – Emma Daley, Kelsey Clegg. Green Ribbon – Noah Richards. First Place – Emma Daley. Second Place – Kelsey Clegg.

Teen Leader Project 11th Grade: Blue Ribbon – Mikala Fling. First Place – Mikala Fling.

Teen Leader Project 12th Grade: Blue Ribbon – Miranda Reed, Brie-Ann Young, Shelby Dearth, Zach Smith. Red Ribbon – David Barnes, Cierra Richter. Green Ribbon – Hunter Stephens. First Place – Miranda Reed. Second Place – Brie-Ann Young. Third Place – Shelby Dearth.

Leisure and Cultural Education:

Best of Show: Byron Dearth.

Outdoor Adventures – Hiking Trails Book 1 Year 1: Blue Ribbon – Jayden Flinn. Red Ribbon – Emma Casto. White Ribbon – Tristyn Squires. First Place – Jayden Flinn. Second Place – Emma Casto.

Outdoor Adventures – Hiking Trails Book 1 Year 3: Blue Ribbon – Byron Dearth, Jayden Dearth. First Place – Byron Dearth. Second Place – Jayden Dearth.

Outdoor Adventures – Backpacking Expeditions Book 3: Blue Ribbon – Cierra Richter. First Place – Cierra Richter.

Exploring 4-H: Blue Ribbon – Isaac Blair. First Place – Isaac Blair.

Health and Safety:

Best of Show: Mikala Fling.

Health 1 – First Aid in Action: Blue Ribbon – Mikala Fling. First Place – Mikala Fling.

Individual and Family Resources:

Best of Show: Marissa Hendershot, Audrey Sundstrom, and Jordan Riddle.

My Financial Future Beginner Youth Notebook: Blue Ribbon – Kaylyn Smith. First Place – Kaylyn Smith.

My financial Future Advanced Youth Notebook: Blue Ribbon – Brie-Ann Young. First Place – Brie-Ann Young.

Cooking 101 Year 1: Blue Ribbon – Jordan Riddle, Julia Bland, Dalton Frame, Shayleigh Gard, Shayanne Dearth, Tessa Prunty. Green Ribbon – Braylen Barcley. First Place – Jordan Riddle. Second Place – Julia Bland. Third Place – Dalton Frame.

Cooking 101 Year 2:   Blue Ribbon – Audrey Aundstrom. Red Ribbon – Kaylyn Smith. Green Ribbon – Sara Stoneking. First Place – Audrey Sundstrom. Second Place – Kaylyn Smith.

Sewing – Under Construction Book 1 Year 1: Blue Ribbon – Myah Tice. First Place – Myah Tice.

Sewing – Under Construction Book 1 Year 3: Blue Ribbon – Marissa Hendershot. First Place – Marissa Hendershot.

Communication Arts and Sciences:

Best of Show: Sophie Miller.

Focus on Photography 1: Red Ribbon – Sophie Miller. First Place – Sophie Miller.

This is 4-H:

Best of Show: Michelle Sampson.

This is 4-H: Blue Ribbon – Michelle Sampson, Shayleigh Gard, Lily Sundstrom, Jennessa Lewellyn, Craig Deem, Kamryn Deem, Leilani Navarro, Makalyn Lewis, Mackenzie Moles, Aubrey Whitlatch, Kaylyn Smith, Camryn McLain. Red Ribbon – Montana Moneypenny, Koa Navarro. White Ribbon – Tristyn Squires. First Place – Michelle Sampson. Second Place – Shayleigh Gard. Third Place – Lily Sundstrom.


Best of Show: Samantha Thompson.

Self-Determined Junior: Blue Ribbon – Samantha Thompson, Bre Stemple, Ali Evans. White Ribbon – Brayden Keeney. First Place – Samantha Thompson. Second Place – Bre Stemple. Third Place – Ali Evans.

Self-Determined Senior: Blue Ribbon – Haleigh Kent, Shelby Dearth, Cameron Marks. White Ribbon – Hailey Caplinger. First Place – Haleigh Kent. Second Place – Shelby Dearth. Third Place – Cameron Marks.

Self-Determined – Digital Photography: Blue Ribbon – Brayden Thompson, Lilly Burkley, Jaxon Thomas. Red Ribbon – Sophia Beam. First Place – Brayden Thompson. Second Place – Lilly Burkley. Third Place – Jaxon Thomas.

Shooting Sports:

Air Rifle: Blue Ribbon – Alyssa Tennant. Red Ribbon – Kristina Fox, Ethan Fox,Owen Postlewaite, Miranda Murphy.

Muzzleloader: Red Ribbon – Austin Sponaugle.

Shotgun: Green Ribbon – Tyler Vaughan, Alison Vaughan.

Animal Science Still Projects:

Best of Show: Cate Evans.

Wiggles and Wags – Dog 1: Blue Ribbon – Noah Forshey. White Ribbon – Kylee Caplinger. First Place – Noah Forshey.

Canine Connection – Dog 2: Blue Ribbon – Brie-Ann Young. First Place – Brie-Ann Young.

Pet Pals – Pets 1 Year 1: Blue Ribbon – Kailynn Anderson, Brayden Griffith. First Place – Kailynn Anderson. Second Place – Brayden Griffith.

Pet Pals – Pet 1 Year 3: Blue Ribbon – Cate Evans. First Place – Cate Evans.

Scurrying Ahead – Cats 1 Year 1: Blue Ribbon – Whitney Griffith. First Place – Whitney Griffith.

Leaping Forward – Cats 3 Year 1: Blue Ribbon – Tyler Shedd, Stephanie Shedd. First Place – Tyler Shedd. Second Place – Stephanie Shedd.

Vet Science Year 1: Blue Ribbon – Bryce Stephens. First Place – Bryce Stephens.

Livestock Still Projects:

Bite Into Beef 1 Year 2: White Ribbon – Kayden Marshall.

The Incredible Pig 1 Year 2: Blue Ribbon – Jack Kinzy. First Place – Jack Kinzy.

Scratching the Surface 1 Year 1: Blue Ribbon – Remington Blair. First Place – Remington Blair.

Giddy Up and Go 1 Year 1: Red Ribbon – Alex Zermino. First Place – Alex Zermino.

Stable Relationships Book 3 Year 1: Blue Ribbon – Haley Garrison. First Place – Haley Garrison.