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Announcing the WV Weed Free Straw and Forage Certification Program

The West Virginia Associated Crop Growers Inc. (WVACG) announces availability of a Weed Free Straw and Forage Certification for 2018. This new program offers West Virginia growers a chance to add value to straw and forage crops free of invasive, noxious weeds.

Many developers and land managers must use certified mulches as part of their soil erosion control program. Certification assures that invasive species are not being introduced to these remote sites.

The WVACG is the official seed certification agency for West Virginia, and now offers certification for Weed Free Straw and Forage producers. Working in conjunction with the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, WVACG has been approved for certification by the North American Invasive Species Management Association, which assures uniform participation and consistent standards by states and provinces.

The program requires an application to WVACG, field inspections to verify weed-free status for a list of 62 species of invasive plants, as well as compliance with labeling and storage standards. Application forms and cost information is available at WVACG

For more information, contact WVACG at 304-293-8822 or e-mail Jim Kotcon