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Wayne County Ag News

Inaugural Wayne County Youth Watermelon Growing Contest

For the first year ever, Wayne County youth from across the county can compete to grow the heaviest watermelon! Contest results will be announced on August 3, National Watermelon Day at the Wayne County Fair at Camden Park. The Wayne County Watermelon Growing. Contest is supported by WVU Extension-Wayne County office.

The Wayne County Watermelon Growing Contest offers the opportunity to exhibit knowledge and ability to cultivate and grow one or more watermelons over a regulated period of time. Growing the heaviest watermelon incorporates basic aptitude of measurement concepts. Preparation skills, research abilities, and patience in this field of agriculture and environmental science enhance the ability to excel in this competition. In addition to learning the basic fundamentals of growing and caring for watermelons, mathematical knowledge of space, depth, and irrigation will prepare participants for a successful harvest. Common problem solving, such as insect patrol, are essential elements gained throughout this experience.