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Morgan County Agriculture & Natural Resources

There are a variety of programs related to horticulture, agriculture and natural resources available for the residents of West Virginia. For a complete listing of all the information we have about lawns, gardens and pests, visit the main Extension website. If you’re a producer, whether with large-scale animals or vegetables for your local market, visit our farming section for more in-depth information about agriculture.

If you’re interested in learning about the all the things that make West Virginia wild and wonderful, including information on our natural resources, follow the link to learn more.

Berkeley Springs Farmers Market

Each year the Berkeley Springs Farmers Market brings the best of Morgan County (and our neighboring counties) to town. Help support your local farmers and growers, and get great products, at the Berkeley Springs Farmers Martket!

Applications for the Farmers Market season on the web at Applications can be made for season contracts for the Sunday market and/or the Thursday market. Application can also be made for weekly sales booths if available and/or for shared booths with other producers. You may request a copy be mailed to you by calling 304-258-8400.

Berkeley Springs Farmers Market
Sundays, first Sunday in April through second Sunday in December 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Downtown Berkeley Springs, W.Va.
Route 522 & Fairfax Street

For information and to sign up for their e-newsletter, visit:

Master Gardener Program

We’re growing

The WVU Extension Master Gardener Program provides people interested in gardening with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and sharpen their skills by taking part in Basic/Level 1 and Advanced/Level 2 training programs that provide in-depth training in various aspects of horticulture.

The program helps residents better understand horticultural and environmental issues through community engagement in gardening and beautification projects at schools, parks, public institutions, community organizations, and locations throughout the state.

Benefits of becoming a WVU Extension Master Gardener

Among the many benefits for getting involved with the WVU Extension Master Gardener program, here are the highest-ranking ones:

  • Getting to know more about gardening and horticulture to expand personal horizons and be able to help others
  • Significant improvements in quality of life, including physical activity, social activity, self-esteem and nutrition
  • Offers opportunities for professional development through continuing training opportunities
  • Meeting like-minded people and engaging in the garden activities you are passionate about
  • Opportunities to assume responsibility
  • Encourages individual independence
  • Gaining respect in the community for your newly developed horticultural skills
  • Flexibility to conduct volunteer work

How do you join?

The first step is to see if your county offers the program. Many of those in West Virginia do, so even if yours doesn’t, a neighboring county may. Call your local WVU Extension Service Office for information and watch for meetings in your area.

Once you’ve found a program, you’ll get 40 hours of training during a 12-week program where you’ll learn about a variety of things including: botany, plant propagation, entomology, pesticides and pest management, plant disease, soil and fertilizers, turfgrass management, vegetable gardening, gardening equipment, tree fruits, small fruit, pruning, landscape design, woody ornamentals, indoor plants, herbaceous plants, garden animals and teaching methods.

From there, pass a test and complete 40 hours of initial volunteer work and you’ll have earned the right to call yourself a WVU Extension Master Gardener.

For more information about becoming a Master Gardener, contact the Morgan County Extension Office at 304-258-8400.

Master Gardener Member Resources

How to order a WVU Extension Master Gardener Manual

County Master Gardener Program coordinators are responsible for signing up new trainees and will take care of ordering the manuals for those participants. Each coordinator will submit their county’s manual order to the WVU Extension Service Agriculture and Natural Resources office by contacting the office manager, Katie Herlihy ( with copy to Mira Danilovich, WVU Extension Master Gardener Program Coordinator ( The office will prepare the invoice and send it with the shipment of the manuals.

Manuals are available in two formats: a printed version and an electronic version. Printed manuals are $75, and the electronic version is $30. You will find all the related information covered in 22 chapters across more than 1,000 pages.

Morgan County Master Gardener Scholarship

Established to annually award a scholarship for both Morgan County High Schools. The scholarship is awarded to a senior from each high school who meets the criteria spelled out in scholarship application. Briefly, the senior must have been accepted to a West Virginia institute of higher learning and be pursuing a degree or certification in horticulture, agriculture, forestry, or a similar field of environmental study.

For more information contact the Morgan County Master Gardeners through the WVU Extension Office at 304-258-8400.