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The cover of WVU Extension's 2018 Garden Calendar features a photo of plants with an overlay image of the state of West Virginia. Text inset within the state reads "Gardening Around the State."


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Active Alerts in Logan County

AgAlert! Warm Weather & Peach Leaf Curl Infection

Recent temperature fluctuation and an unusually warm February will induce bud swelling in many tree species. Most of the peach leaf curl infections take place at this time.

Reddish areas on developing leaves are a symptom of peach leaf curl. (Photo credit: MM Rahman)

Ideally, bud swelling should occur sometime in March. Orchard owners typically spray preventative products such as copper, chlorothalonil or Ziram during that time. However, experience from the 2017 growing season indicates that the spray should be timed with bud swell, which is now.

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Bookmark the New WVU Extension Service Logan County Office Website

To better serve you and create a mobile-oriented and user-friendly online experience, the WVU Extension Service Logan County Office is reorganizing our website.

Bookmark your new local source to West Virginia University. On June 1, the WVU Extension Service Logan County website officially changes to this address ( You'll still be able to reach us from our old address, for awhile, but as with anything in life - and the web - things will continue to change. Thanks for your patience during this time.

If you would like more information about these changes, please email us so we can share your questions, thoughts and ideas with our team to bring Logan County relevant and timely content that helps you put knowledge to work.

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People in Your Community...Knowledge at Your Doorstep

The WVU Logan County Extension Office provides aid to farmers, gardeners, and homeowners, and local educational programs for area families and youth, businesses, and communities. On our website you will find Extension Service related information on all of these subjects. When in doubt, you can always call our office or email us.