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Kanawha County Agriculture & Natural Resources

There are a variety of programs related to horticulture, agriculture and natural resources available for the residents of West Virginia. For a complete listing of all the information we have about lawns, gardens and pests, visit the main Extension website. If you’re a producer, whether with large-scale animals or vegetables for your local market, visit our farming section for more in-depth information about agriculture.

If you’re interested in learning about the all the things that make West Virginia wild and wonderful, including information on our natural resources, follow the link to learn more.

Kanawha Urban Ag Alliance

To support the efforts of community gardens around Kanawha County, an association has been established, the Kanawha Urban Ag Alliance. The Alliance started out as the Kanawha Community Garden Association, but growing interests have led to the designation as KUAA. All gardeners participating in community gardens and persons interested in urban agriculture are invited to attend.

Meetings are scheduled for the fourth Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. at the WVU Kanawha County Extension Office. Contact Jessica Hudson at 304-720-9573 for more information.

Register Your Community Garden! Are you a garden leader interested in adding your community garden to our organization?

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Community Gardens

Kanawha County and the Charleston area are home to numerous community gardens. Community gardens are any plot of land that is gardened by a group of individuals. These gardens are a great way to give people access to healthy fresh produce and for the sharing garden knowledge between generations and cultures.

Many of the gardens around Charleston focus on producing food for non-profit organizations that feed people in need. These gardens are excellent places for individuals and groups to volunteer. Manna Meal garden is one such example.

WVU Kanawha County Extension Service provides support to groups wishing to start new community gardens in Kanawha County. Support includes organizational development to encourage long-term sustainability of the garden group and gardening technical assistance.

For community garden assistance, please contact Jessica Hudson.

Kanawha County Master Gardeners

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The WVU Extension Master Gardener Program provides people interested in gardening with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and sharpen their skills by taking part in Basic/Level 1 and Advanced/Level 2 training programs that provide in-depth training in various aspects of horticulture.

The program helps residents better understand horticultural and environmental issues through community engagement in gardening and beautification projects at schools, parks, public institutions, community organizations, and locations throughout the state.

How do you join?

The first step is to see if your county offers the program. Many of those in West Virginia do, so even if yours doesn’t, a neighboring county may. Call your local WVU Extension Service Office for information and watch for meetings in your area.

Once you’ve found a program, you’ll get 40 hours of training during a 12-week program where you’ll learn about a variety of things including: botany, plant propagation, entomology, pesticides and pest management, plant disease, soil and fertilizers, turfgrass management, vegetable gardening, gardening equipment, tree fruits, small fruit, pruning, landscape design, woody ornamentals, indoor plants, herbaceous plants, garden animals and teaching methods.

From there, pass a test and complete 40 hours of initial volunteer work and you’ll have earned the right to call yourself a WVU Extension Master Gardener.

For more information about Kanawha County's Master Gardener program, call the Kanawha County Extension Office at 304-720-9573.