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Wildlife Habitat Education Program

Wildlife Habitat Education ProgramThe Wildlife Habitat Education Program is a hands-on natural resource program dedicated to teaching wildlife and fisheries habitat management to youth ages 8 to 19 through 4-H or FFA organizations. Annually, about 10,000 youths throughout the United States participate in WHEP, learning wildlife and fisheries terms and concepts, species identification and habitat management. The program provides youth opportunities to test their knowledge in state competitions. The winning team from each state earns the opportunity to attend the National WHEP contest. The National WHEP contest moves to a different state, and thus different habitat types, each year. The WHEP earned the 4-H National Program of Distinction award for providing youth teamwork and leadership opportunities, teaching critical thinking skills, and improving written and oral communication skills and self-confidence.

  • Teach youth ages 8 to 19 about wildlife and fish species and habitat management through the exploration of core ecological concepts and basic wildlife and fisheries management practices.
  • Teach youth basic life skills, including teamwork, leadership, oral and written communication skills, critical thinking skills and constructive competition.
  • Introduce youth to the diversity of ecosystems, natural resource professions, cultures and recreational opportunities.


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Sheldon Owen, National WHEP committee member and West Virginia WHEP Coordinator, at 304-293-2990 or