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Camp Caesar

Also known as the Webster County 4-H Camp, Camp Caesar is a historic campsite located just over 4 miles from Cowen and almost 10 miles from Webster Springs (Addison).

With 13 community-style housing quarters, 2 assembly halls, over 10 classrooms, a silent meditation area, fully enclosed council circle, an outdoor stage, 2 pavilions, and a large swimming pool, the camp hosts year-round events.

The camp was established in 1922 by local members of the Farm Bureau and the Webster County Extension agent, Julius A. Wolfram. After the onset of the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration built several stone cottages, a pool and pool house, dining hall expansion, stone walks, retaining walls, and other features. There is some dispute over the origins of some of the log cabins though. Some say the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built the log cabins while others claim the cabins were part of a Homestead Relocation project from the Holly River area. Camp Caesar listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.

Call the Camp Ceasar Office at 304-226-3888 for more information.