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CEOS Members Teach Others to Crochet

On January 25, 2019, member of the CEOS Quilt & Fiber Club (Nancy Crockett, Donna Ferrell, and Trish Harris) trained residents of Marie’s House today in the art of crocheting. Marie's House is a six month intensive recovery center for women. This effort is part of an initiative to provide meaningful community service opportunities for the residents of Marie's House. To learn more, please contact the Wayne County office at 304-272-6839.

CEOS Members teach Marie House Residents How to Crochet

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CEOS Partners with Marie's House

We are thrilled that the Wayne County CEOS Quilt & Fiber club will partner with Marie’s House in Wayne to teach women recovering from addiction the wonderful skill of crocheting in the hopes that in turn they will make crocheted items for people in need. Those who were able to attend include (l-r): Heather Humphrey's and Misty Martin from Marie's House and Resa Files, Trish Harris, Nancy Crockett, and Donna Ferrell from CEOS. To learn more about this project, please call the Wayne County office 304-272-6839.

CEOS Partners with Marie's House

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