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Roane County Family & Community Development

We’re always looking for ways to help strengthen West Virginia and the people and communities that make our state great. Visit WVU Extension's community, business and safety section to learn about these programs. With everything from community and tourism development to our Community Educational Outreach Service, we’re impacting many counties throughout the state. We also have information on home safety, occupational safety and disaster preparedness, along with the Fire Service Extension that trains firefighters in communities across West Virginia.

Roane County Barn Quilt Trail

About our Barn Quilt Trail…

Roane County currently has 37 barn quilts located along a quilt trail that will take visitors on a scenic tour of the county. The WVU Roane County Extension Service, and the Roane County Economic Development Authority and 911 Center are developing a trail map that will guide drivers along country roads to each quilt location where they will discover some of Roane County’s beautiful scenery.

Roane County Solid Waste Authority

The purpose of this website it to share information about the activities of the Roane County Solid Waste Authority and to promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of the “stuff” that we accumulate in our lives.

The Recycling Center:

The recycling center is on 212 Lynn Street in Spencer and is open from 8 am until 5 p.m. on Fridays (except national holidays) and on the morning of the first Saturday of each month. We are accepting for recycling:
  • # 1 and #2 plastic (rinsed with caps off)
  • paper of all types
  • cardboard
  • aluminum cans * steel cans

Please separate your items before bringing to the center. It makes it quicker to put it in the bins if it is presorted.

Tri-County Partnerships

Tri-County Partnerships, Inc. was organized in July 1994 to facilitate the community mini-grants program. Fifty-four groups from the region were awarded $108,000 to implement community projects. The purpose of the organization is to encourage community and county groups to build stronger communities and a healthier economy and to initiate projects that encourage collaboration and skill building within the tri-county area.
The Tri-County Partnership addresses a multitude of needs in Roane, Calhoun and Wirt County communities providing a holistic approach to community improvement. The partnership is composed of all segments from the communities in our regions including representation from, public agencies, low-income individuals and private business representatives.
Local Projects
Through collaborative efforts with local agencies and other stakeholders, Tri-County has promoted the following community development initiatives:

* GEAR (Green Energy and Action Research)
* Development of the Bessie Jones Memorial Park in Walton, WV
* Development of the Spencer Skate Park
* Charles Fork Accessible Fishing Pier Project
* Calhoun County Foster Parent Support Group
* Roane County Energy Express Program
* Local Harvest Potluck and Workshops promoting Local Foods
* Roane Counties Farmers’ Markets