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Liming Soil

This training addresses lime quality and liming management to enable nutrient management planners, staff from WVU Extension, USDA NRCS West Virginia, West Virginia Department of Agriculture and West Virginia Conservation Agency, and farmers to better understand and improve the management of liming to modify soil pH for nutrient management and crop production.

Liming Soil Educational Videos

Lime Quality Jeff Skousen

Lime & Crop pH Requirements Ed Rayburn

Liming Sources in West Virginia Tom Basden

WVU Extension Web-based Lime Evaluation Tool  – Ed Rayburn

Application Equipment & Services Available for Liming  – Ben Goff 

Calcium & Magnesium from Alternative Nutrient Sources  – Ben Goff 

Prioritizing Lime Applications  –  Eugenia Pena-Yewtukhiw

Lime Laws & Regulations  – Chad Linton 

Conservation District Lime Programs  – Barbie Elliott and Russell Young

Liming Soil Resources

Get Expert Help

WVU Extension has specialists and agents who can answer your questions about liming soil.

Jeff Skousen

Jeff Skousen

WVU Extension Specialist – Land Reclamation, Professor of Soil Science

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