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Master Gardener Classes Slated For Hancock County

TAMGA Plant Sale, 2017

In their quest to become certified West Virginia Extension Master Gardeners (WVEMG), 12 hope-filled and enthusiastic Hancock County residents will meet on Monday, March 5, 2018, for their first night of class.

Master Gardener (MG) candidates receive forty hours of instruction on such subjects as botany, plant propagation, entomology, pesticides and pest management, plant disease, soil and fertilizers, turfgrass management, vegetable gardening, gardening equipment, tree fruits, small fruit, pruning, landscape design, woody ornamentals, indoor plants, herbaceous plants, and garden animals.

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Hancock County 4-H Poster Contest

If you're a Hancock County 4-H youth who enjoys visually telling a story, please consider entering WVU 4-H's statewide poster exhibition. 4-H youth in Hancock County who would like enter but have questions, should contact Micah Shaffer.

Posters must be received at the WVU Hancock County Extension Office by February 2, 2018.

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