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Though rare in West Virginia, earthquakes do happen. Know what to do. Practice and follow emergency procedures before a disaster strikes.

“Earthquakes are sudden and unpredictable,” said Tony Michael, WVU Extension Program Director for Family & Community Development. “The best way to stay safe is to educate yourself on what to do during an earthquake.”

Be sure to check your home and buildings for damage, and open cabinets cautiously as contents may have shifted.

“Now is the time to come up with an emergency plan for all potential hazards,” he said.

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Earthquake Terms

Emergency Kits

In an emergency, there’s no substitute for being prepared, Ready.Gov has resources to help your family develop an emergency kit and a family plan.

An emergency kit contains food, water, and other supplies in sufficient quantity to last for at least three days. It also contains critical information such as copies of insurance policies, identification, and bank account records.

Its important your family plan in advance what you will do in an emergency. Each situation may require a different response, and family members may not be together. It’s important everyone know how you will communicate and where you will meet. Remember, during an emergency, telephone networks, including cellular, may not be available for sometime.