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Braxton County Family & Community Development

WVU Extension experts are at the forefronts of health and relationship education in West Virginia communities. For parenting tips, relationship education and information about family programs, visit WVU Extension's youths and families section. For recipes, nutrition advice, heart health information, fitness tips and more, check out our food and health section. The Family Nutrition Program shows people better ways to maximize value while cooking healthy meals.

Enjoy garden fresh foods all year long?
Yes, We Can!

There is nothing like the taste of fresh-from-the-garden vegetables and fruits. But food begins to spoil quickly after harvesting unless it is preserved. Let WVU Extension’s food and nutrition specialists guide you through the food preservation process.

Extension specialists offer canning and other food preservation classes across the state. To see if WVU Extension is hosting a food preservation training class in your area, contact your local Extension office.
Ready, Set, Go:  The Canning Process

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Frequently Asked Canning Questions Video Series

  1. How to Properly and Safely Store Home Canned Foods (3:28)
  2. How to Ensure a Good Seal and Recognize Spoilage (5:56)
  3. Canning Equipment and Its Proper Use (3:33)
  4. What Jars and Lids to Use for Canning (2:31)
  5. Canning High Acid Foods vs. Low Acid Foods (3:55)
  6. Do’s and Don'ts of Safe Canning (6:48)
  7. Use of Salt and Sugar in Canning; Preventing Fruit Darkening (3:29)
  8. Properly Canning Tomatoes: Acid Content (3:03)

Canning Publications

We Can! The Canning Process
We Can! Tomatoes
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FAQ Answers
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Pressure Canner Testing

Pressure Canner Testing for canner lids with dial gauges is available at the WVU Braxton County Extension Office. In order to have your canner tested, bring only your canner lids with dial gauges. Free educational materials on food preservation are also available. Call the WVU Braxton County Extension Office at 304-765-2809 to schedule a time before you start to can this season.