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Taylor County Virtual Fair Exhibit Registration Guide

This guide is for non-livestock exhibits only.

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account OR sign into your account from last year. If there are multiple people in your family who intend to exhibit, you can register them all under a single account; you do not all need your own. 
  3. Register as an exhibitor. This is pretty straightforward; just fill in the boxes marked ‘required’ and keep hitting Continue. 
  4. Click the green button that says, “Continue to Entries.” 
  5. Click “Add an Entry” 
  6. Select your department. 
  7. Select your division.
  8. Select your class.
  9. Review your entry. 
  10. Click “Create Entries.” 
  11. Click Review/Complete Outstanding Records
  12. Under ‘Details,’ type a short description of your exhibit
  13. Select ‘Enable Public Viewing’ or ‘Disable Public Viewing.’ If you choose the latter, only the judges will be able to see your exhibit.
  14. If your exhibit includes a video, insert the link into the Video URL box.
  15. Click “Continue”
  16. Upload at least one photo of your exhibit if you did not include a video link. You are limited to four photos per entry.
  17. Add another entry OR 
  18. Register another exhibitor OR 
  19. Click “Continue to payment.” There are no fees for entries, but everyone must complete this step.
  20. Click “Continue” 
  21. Click “Submit” 

A fair manager will double check your entry and approve it. If you have any questions or issues, you can email or and we will help you.