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2020 Holiday Walking Challenge

Stepping on the Blues Walking Challenge.

STARTING November 16th through December 28th, WVU Extension Service Family Nutrition Program is inviting you to join our holiday walking challenge. This will be a 6-week challenge to help get you through the end of 2020 and keep the winter/holiday blues at bay, by earning points and “joining in”. 

Those who earn 100 or more points are eligible for prize drawings! (more information after registration). Each week we will include a link to  some form of fun physical activity, a Mindful goal, and a “group” session to celebrate or boost each other. There will also be 2 side challenges that will be judged by your families, but there will be more information to follow.

Each day you mark your earned points and steps taken. There will be a pre and post survey. We also encourage you to join Taylor County Walks on Facebook to be part of all the fun!

ONE POINT EACH: (per day)

  • 64 or more ounces of water
  • 5,000 or more steps
  • 15 Minutes of Mindfulness (more information upon registration)
  • 15 Minutes of self care

You can register online or by calling the WVU Extension Service Taylor County Office at 304-265-3303. If you choose to fill out a paper copy of the registration, you will need to return it by mail to 
7 Hospital Plaza Grafton, WV, or email Jeanette Coole

Registration deadline is November 16th.