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Five Year Plan

Vision Statement

The West Virginia University Extension Master Gardener Program will be known throughout the state for its commitment to horticulture, healthy communities and individuals. The program will see an increase in the number of members throughout the state and an increase in the number of active local Master Gardener programs. Through sharing of best practices, and continuing education the West Virginia’s Master Gardener Program will continue to grow community leaders, and they will be a sought after source of help in improving horticulture practices within local communities and the state.

Goals and Strategies

Goal 1. To improve communication horizontally and vertically within the West Virginia Master Gardener Association.
Strategy 1.1. Reactivate the West Virginia Master Gardener Newsletter.
Strategy 1.2. Update WVMGA Web-site and promote use of the Web-site.
Strategy 1.3. Publish “Best Practices” of West Virginia Master Gardener local programs.

Goal 2. To promote and market the West Virginia Master Gardener Program within the state.
Strategy 2.1. Revise & distribute the West Virginia Master Gardener Program marketing brochure.
Strategy 2.2. Establish a state-wide Master Gardener Week Observance.
Strategy 3.3. Develop and distribute a West Virginia Master Gardener public service announcement video.

Goal 3. To enhance the West Virginia Master Gardener Association’s financial base.
Strategy 3.1. Develop an annual budget and budget development processes.
Strategy 3.2. Continue to develop a positive relationship with the WVU Foundation.
Strategy 3.3. Establish policy and procedures for management of WVMG Association’s annual conference funds.
Strategy 3.4. Explore and develop alternative streams of revenue.
Strategy 3.5. Establish guidelines for use of WVMGA Funds to provide project grants, and fund continuing education grants.

Goal 4. To promote and encourage sharing of master gardener program activities and community service projects across the state.
Strategy 4.1. Conduct a survey to learn what is going on at the local level.
Strategy 4.2. Disseminate survey findings to help local groups, strengthen and enhance their outreach & effectiveness in working with the local community and its citizens.
Strategy 4.3. Partner to support and promote the WVMG Garden at the State Fair Grounds.
Strategy 4.4. Identify best practices in the area of volunteer projects and activities.

Goal 5. To improve retention of members.
Strategy 5.1. To conduct a membership retention survey to get baseline data related to membership retention.
Strategy 5.2. To develop and implement a yearly membership retention report tool and review data annually.
Strategy 5.3. To update the West Virginia Master Gardener orientation program and distribute to all local programs.
Strategy 5.4. Disseminate revised orientation program to all local master gardener groups.
Strategy 5.5. Publish and distribute to local chapters membership retention strategies that include but are not limited to the use of FISH philosophy, mentoring and other strategies that promote engagement, commitment, and fellowship.
Strategy 5.6. Collaborate with the PR Committee in the publication of best practices.

Goal 6. To enhance the continuing education of all West Virginia master gardeners.
Strategy 6.1. Establish a state level committee for continuing education.
Strategy 6.2. Review the requirements for recertification (volunteer hours and continuing education hours) of other states.
Strategy 6.3. Based on findings (C.E.6.2), make recommendations for changes in recertification requirements for West Virginia master gardeners. Such recommendations would first be reviewed and endorsed by the board, and then forwarded to WVU Extension Service for a final decision.
Strategy C.E.6.4. Increase the West Virginia Master Gardener Association’s continuing education software library holdings.
Strategy C.E. 6.5. Promote use of the Continuing Education Library.
Strategy C.E.6.6. Develop and publish a WVMG Speakers’ Bureau.
Strategy C.E.6.7. Collaborate with WUU Extension to offer an advanced training for master gardeners activity annually.
Strategy C.E.6.7. Explore and review options with WVU Extension Service for advanced certification for WV master gardeners. Findings shall be reported to the WVMGA Board.
Strategy C.E.6.8. Identify “best practices” in the area of continuing education and collaborate with the PR Committee in publishing.

Review of the Five Year Plan

1. The Five Year Plan will reviewed regularly and progress monitored by the Executive Committee. Reports of progress will be regular agenda items at Board Meetings.

2. It is recognized that the plan is dynamic. There it may require adjustment on a year-by-year basis. Recommendations for adjustments /change in strategies, focus, target dates, etc., may be made by the responsible committee, but approval shall be the privilege of the Executive Committee. Board members will be advised of any changes.

Adopted by the West Virginia Master Gardener Association Board, January 12, 2008