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Show Me Nutrition

Children participate in a vegetable stamping activity during Show Me Nutrition class.

Children participate in a vegetable stamping activity during Show Me Nutrition class.

Show Me Nutrition is a nutrition curriculum that teaches children in preschool through fifth  grade how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Over six age-appropriate lessons, students learn about food safety, physical activity and nutrition. They receive handouts and get opportunities to participate in hands-on activities, focused on developing basic kitchen safety and food preparation skills.

What Parents Say

“When making a vegetable soup, we added more vegetables which my daughter usually won’t eat in it. She ended up liking it more than we both expected.”

“This program has made my son more willing to try new things. He wants to taste new vegetables now.”

“Our daughter helped cut the green stems off the strawberries before eating them. She loves to be involved in the kitchen.”

What Teachers Say

"Students are checking their nutrition labels and making informed decisions. They also are using the phrase, ‘Let your tastebuds decide - not your eyes!’"

"I have noticed all students at one time or another singing the ABC song while washing their hands. Many of them will talk about spreading germs and wanting to make sure they get all the germs off their hands."

"The kids bring bottles of water and fill them up again throughout the day. "

By the Numbers

Icon of milk, cheese and eggs.

More dairy

48% of kids increased their dairy consumption after participating in Show Me Nutrition, according to parent surveys. 

Icon representing a bag of groceries.

More vegetables

35% of Show Me Nutrition participant ate more vegetables after participating in Show Me Nutrition.

An icon of a glass of water with a wedge of lemon.

Fewer sugary drinks

36% of kids drank fewer sugar-sweetened beverages after participating in Show Me Nutrition.

Icon of people riding bikes.

More physical activity

26% of Show Me Nutrition participants increased their physical activity after participating in Show Me Nutrition.