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Direct Education

Missi Painter, nutrition outreach instructor with the WVU Extension Service Family Nutrition Program, teaches a student how to cook.

Eating Smart, Being Active

Eating Smart Being Active is an evidence-based healthy eating and active living curriculum for low-income families.

A person holds a bowl of apple salad.

Family Nutrition Program Recipes

A collection of healthy and cost-effective recipes straight from the Family Nutrition Program to your dining table.

Amie Tutor, health educator and host of the Learn, Grow, Eat & Go television show produced for West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

Learn, Grow, Eat & Go

A research-tested, evidence-based curriculum project from the International Junior Master Gardener® Program.

Health educator Heather Cook teaches a Nutrition Education Aimed at Toddlers (NEAT) class.

Nutrition Education Aimed at Toddlers

Nutrition Education Aimed at Toddlers helps adults facilitate healthy eating habits for toddlers and promote positive mealtime interactions.

Children participate in a vegetable stamping activity during Show Me Nutrition class.

Show Me Nutrition

Show Me Nutrition is a nutrition curriculum that teaches children how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Brandi Adkins, health educator with the WVU Extension Service Family Nutrition Program, teaches a Teen Cuisine class at a high school.

Teen Cuisine

Teen Cuisine promotes healthy lifestyle choices by teaching essential kitchen and life skills.

Family Nutrition Program Recipes

Featured Recipe

Bite Size Zucchini Pizzas

Bite size zucchini pizzas are a simple snack that will get kids excited to get into the kitchen and eating more vegetables. These pizza bites are vegetarian and fun for all ages! 

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