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It is always good to have a sweet taste during breakfast or in desserts. If it is a natural food full of nutrients, there is no guilty feeling associated with it. Drying foods – one of the oldest preservation methods – is safe, simple, and inexpensive. Dried fruits retain nutritional quality. They are especially popular now when people are wanting more antioxidants in their diet.

Water allows microbes (bacteria, yeasts, and molds) to grow in a fruit and spoil it. Through the process of drying, moisture is removed, which helps stop the microbial growth, reduces the weight (lighter) and volume (smaller) of the fruit, and increases storage life without refrigeration. Another advantage of drying is that the action of enzymes slows down. Dried fruits can be stored and enjoyed year-round, and they can be reconstituted easily. Little space is required to store dried fruits.

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