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Picture This! Fayette County

Aerial view of New River Gorge with pink flowers in forefont.

The Fayette County 4-H Leaders have developed a program to keep 4-H members engaged while we’re still waiting to get back together.  We want our members to get out, explore Fayette County, and to learn more about our history.  

We encourage 4-H members to snap a selfie at as many of these places as they would like and email them to JR Davis at  Please include your name and the place of interest. Some of the locations are physical places while others may be historical markers.  We will post your photos to our Padlet page as they come in.


4-H members that take photographs of at least five places of interest will have their name placed for a drawing for a 4-H gift surprise. We will draw three names. This program will last through July 31, 2021. 

Places of Interest

  • Contentment Museum – Ansted, WV
  • Camp Washington Carver – Clifftop, WV
  • Company Store – Whipple, WV
  • Cathedral Falls – Gauley Bridge, WV
  • "Christopher Q. Thompkins" - Gauley Bridge, WV 
  • "New Haven Veterans’ Memorial" – Ansted, WV
  • "Fayetteville Town Park" – Fayetteville, WV
  • Fayette County Park – Beckwith, WV
  • “A Railroad Town” – Thurmond, WV
  • The Bridge Café – Meadow Bridge, WV
  • “Andrew and Charles Lewis March” – Hilton Village, WV
  • "Plum Orchard Lake" – Scarbro, WV
  • "Camp Reynolds" – Glen Ferris, WV
  • "Morris Creek Watershed" – Montgomery, WV
  • "Oak Hill Railroad Depot" – Oak Hill, WV
  • Trail to Bridge Overlook – Lansing, WV
  • "Spy Rock" – Lookout, WV
  • J.W. and Hazel Ruby Center – Mt. Hope, WV
  • “Battle of Fayetteville” – Fayetteville, WV
  • “Play Ball!” – Glen Jean, WV
  • "Westlake Cemetery" – Ansted, WV
  • Collins Park – Oak Hill, WV
  • "Famous New River Smokeless Coal" – Mt. Hope, WV
  • Bank of Glen Jean – Glen Jean, WV
  • “Christopher H. Payne” – Montgomery, WV
  • "Vandalia Cemetery" – Fayetteville, WV
  • “A Town Built on Top of Itself” – Thurmond, WV
  • Public Library – Meadow Bridge, WV
  • “Battles for the Bridges” – Gauley Bridge, WV
  • Phoenix Mural – Mt. Hope, WV