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WVU Doddridge County Extension Service

At your service in our community.

Doddridge County Events

WVU Doddridge County Extension Service programs and activities are offered at minimal or no cost for county residents, as we are supported in part by the Doddridge County Special Levy and Doddridge County Board of Education.

No events available at this time.

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Doddridge County News

That’s My Pan! CEOS Fundraiser

That’s My Pan!® products are now available for purchase during a special, limited-time Doddridge County CEOS fundraiser. The vast array of available products include bakeware, cookie tins, coffee mugs, cutting boards, utensils, etc. Many items can be personalized and engraved for a great gift! Your order will support our local DCCEOS organization.

Please contact Susie Richards of the Big Isaac CEOS Club for more information, or view and order products at their website.

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