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West Virginia Welcome

Hospitality Training Program

West Virginia Welcome, designed by the West Virginia Hospitality Education and Training Program, provides an introductory overview of the essentials of hospitality, such as how to put customers at ease, be personable and proactively solve problems.

The training program helps to ensure that the faces of the state’s tourism industry hospitality employees are able to provide the services essential to visitors. The course is available on West Virginia University Extension Service’s online learning system and also available as a classroom training.

Access the Online Course

The free, 45-minute course is available online.

New users will be prompted to set up a free account or to sign in as a guest. Returning users must log in to access the course.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate from WVU Extension Service and the West Virginia Department of Educations HEAT program.

Request a Classroom Training

On-site training is also available and is 2 hours long delivered in a classroom style by a HEAT certified trainer without cost. Participants who complete the training receive a certificate and a pin.

You can request a training by completing the WVHEAT Group Training Request Form.

About the Training Course

West Virginia Welcome is a collaboration between WVU’s Hospitality and Tourism Program; West Virginia Department of Education’s HEAT program; the West Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association; and the WVU Extension Service.