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Cabell County Milton Office
Cabell County office in Milton

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Cabell County Ag News

2022 Cabell County Master Gardener Course

The 2022 West Virginia Master Gardener Course will begin on March 3rd and run weekly on Thursday evenings from 6 to 9 PM through June 30th. This class will be primarily Zoom-based but the Cabell County Master Gardeners will be offering an in-person viewing opportunity in the WVU Extension-Cabell County Office located in Milton, WV. 

The charge for the course will be either $50 for the non-printable PDF West Virginia Master Gardener Manual or $100 for the physical book. To register for the Cabell County Master Gardeners' Course, visit

For more information contact WVU Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources Evan Wilson at 304-743-1342 or email

Shiitake Workshops

WVU Extension is looking for motivated individuals in Cabell County who are interested in Shiitake mushroom cultivation. We will be hosting in-person workshops in the future in our area. If you would like to learn more about Shiitakes please complete the brief information form.

Shiitake workshops in Cabell and Wayne Counties.

Wildlife Pest Fencing for Gardens

When planning a garden, it is important to think about how you plan to keep out unwanted pests such as deer, rabbits, opossums, birds and the neighbor’s cat. Each pest carries their own threats to your garden and possibly you. Deer, groundhogs and rabbits may eat the plants and the fruit on them. Birds will pick your berries from the bushes. While thinking the cat in the garden is keeping away the rodents they might turn your raised beds into their new litter box. Fencing strategies have developed over the years as equipment has improved from split rail to barbed wire to woven and now netting.

A groundhog pops out of his hole.

When designing your garden fence here are some questions you need to consider:

Other Cabell County News

Contact the Cabell County Office for current news and to learn about upcoming opportunities in our local area. Ask us for more information about topics including:

Part of the National Cooperative Extension System

All universities engage in research and teaching, but the nation’s more than 100 land-grant colleges and universities including WVU, have another critical mission: Extension. Extension means reaching out, and along with teaching and research land-grant institutions extend their resources, solving public needs with college or university resources through local programs. With more than 3,000 county offices in the USA, the National Cooperative Extension System is the local front door for many citizens to their state land-grant institutions.

Putting Knowledge to Work!

The West Virginia University Extension works to provide solutions in your community through key programs and resources, including agriculture and natural resources; 4-H and youth development; food and nutrition; health and wellness; financial planning; and home gardening. These research-based programs and services are available to all Cabell County residents thanks to the tremendous support of our community members, local organizations, volunteers and local partners, including the Board of Education and County Commission.


  • Kandi Messinger, WVU Extension adult health educator, and her team earned the Award of Excellence in COVID Creativity and Innovation for their work on the Grow This! initiative.

  • Leslie Summers was newly appointed to an Extension 4-H Agent.

  • Evan Wilson developed and taught Gardening 101 courses that reached more than 100 households.