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Feeder Cattle Marketing

The West Virginia Quality Assurance Feeder Cattle Marketing Program was established to enhance the reputation of West Virginia Feeder Cattle and to provide a marketing outlet for well-managed cattle. There are a minimum set of guidelines for producers to participate, which have been applied and tested for more than 15 years and have yielded excellent results for cooperating producers and buyers.

Upcoming Sales

2018 Spring Sale Schedule Buckhannon Stockyards 3/28/18

Producer Resources

The WVQA Feeder Cattle Marketing Program has generated over $4 million in additional revenue for cooperating producers in the last four years alone. When calculated on a per head basis, this equates to around $150 in value per calf marketed when compared to equivalent L1 and M1 black and black white face graded feeder cattle. Significant premiums have also been received for cattle marketed as “All Natural”.

Interested producers should review the program requirements below. Contact your WVU Extension agent in your county or the state program coordinator for details. Producers interested in “natural” programs should review the necessary forms at the link below.

Prospective Buyers

Health and Preconditioning Programs
Marketing Contacts
Buyer Info Packet

Why buy WVQA feeder cattle?


  • Cooperating producers are required to implement a comprehensive herd health program. This includes not only vaccinating calves marketed through the WVQA Feeder Cattle Marketing Program but also the entire herd.


  • Cooperating producers must be Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified and in good standing under the guidelines of the Mid-Atlantic BQA.
  • Calves sired by top ranking and/or performance tested sires.


  • All male calves are guaranteed steers, and heifers are guaranteed open. The consignor will refund the buyer $100 per stag, bull or bred heifer identified by the buyer. If a heifer dies calving, the consignor must refund the full purchase price of the heifer.
  • No horns, scurs, active pinkeye, lost eyes, #3 muscle, small frame or dairy/dairy-cross cattle.
  • Individual ID and traceability.


  • Weaned or unweaned
  • All natural
  • Source and age verification


  • Excellent results for buyers for more than 20 years.

Trade or brand names used in this publication/website are for educational purposes only. The use of such product names does not imply endorsement by the WVU Extension Service to the exclusion of other products that may be equally suitable.