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Pesticide Education

The West Virginia Pesticide Safety Education Program works closely with the West Virginia Department of Agriculture to provide education and training that address a range of pesticide safety topics. Our primary mission is to provide objective information to certified and non-certified pesticide applicators, farmworkers and the public to ensure the proper and legal use of pesticides.

Anyone in the state of West Virginia who purchases or uses a restricted-use pesticide on their property must be a private applicator, and anyone who uses, supervises, recommends or sells restricted-use pesticides or general-use pesticides for hire or as part of their employment must be a certified pesticide applicator with the WVDA Pesticide Regulatory Programs Unit.

For information about pesticide certification and licensing, visit the WVDA Pesticide Regulatory Programs Unit.

For information about your current pesticide license, approved continuing education meetings or pesticide products registered in the state of West Virginia, visit the WVPlants Homepage.

For additional information regarding the West Virginia PSEP, please contact Ronnie Helmondollar.

Rows of boxes of pesticides sit on shelves.