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Meet the Presenter: Paige Powers, Lewis County 4-H'er - 2021 State 4-H Presentation Expo Gold Ribbon Winner

Paige Powers Lewis County Dermatology Visual PresentationPaige Powers, 10, is a member of the Lewis County Smith Run Flying Eagles 4-H Club. 

She has participated in the State 4-H Presentation Expo for 2 years because, as she notes, she loves public speaking! In 2020, she completed a visual presentation about Caterpillar Tractors that earned a blue ribbon in the state-level contest. 

This year the title of her visual presentations was "Dermatology". She chose to present on this topic because she wants to become a dermatologist in the future. Did you know? Dermatologists can properly diagnose and treat more than 3,000 conditions! If you would like to learn more about a few of these conditions and the tools a dermatologist might use on a daily basis, then watch Paige's visual presentation.

Paige said her favorite part about her presentation is her presentation board and she was inspired by Dr. Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, to become a dermatologist and make a difference in the world.

She thinks it is important to practice her public speaking skills so that when she is older, she will not be nervous and shy when speaking in front of other people. 

When asked what advice she would give to her peer who may be afraid to give a presentation, she said, "Have fun with it, and talk about something you choose. It's totally worth it!" She adds, "If you aren't in 4-H, you're missing out big time!"

Lastly, Paige would like to thank her mom for supporting her through developing her dermatology visual presentation for the 2021 State 4-H Presentation Expo.

Fun Fact: Her favorite pizza topping is cheese!