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Nicholas County in the News

West Virginia youths win statewide competition to make hometowns ‘cooler’

My Hometown is Cool. WVU Extension Service. WVU Chambers College of Business & Economics.

West Virginia youths feel pretty passionate about their communities. And they are improving their hometowns by developing ideas and opportunities to make their communities even “cooler.”

Part of the National Cooperative Extension System

All universities engage in research and teaching, but the nation’s more than 100 land-grant colleges and universities including WVU, have another critical mission: Extension. Extension means reaching out, and along with teaching and research land-grant institutions extend their resources, solving public needs with college or university resources through local programs. With more than 3,000 county offices in the USA, the National Cooperative Extension System is the local front door for many citizens to their state land-grant institutions.

Putting Knowledge to Work!

The West Virginia University Extension works to provide solutions in your community through key programs and resources, including agriculture and natural resources; 4-H and youth development; family and community development programs; and USDA funded nutrition and physical activity programming. These research-based programs and services are available to all Nicholas County residents thanks to the tremendous support of our community members, local organizations, volunteers and local partners, including the Board of Education and County Commission.

Nicholas County Highlights

    • Modified programs to meet pandemic restrictions, including 4-H camp, Master Gardener training, canning and freezing workshop, worksite wellness training, kinship care support and nutrition education for youths.
    • Drafted a comprehensive economic development plan for the City of Summersville.
    • Delivered educational programming to approximately 3,500 participants and 18 worksites, plus received $4,000 in programming grants.
    • Nicholas County ANR Agent Brian Sparks taught WVU President Gordon Gee how to grow tomatoes. Check out Growing Tomatoes with WVU President Gordon Gee on WVU Extension's YouTube channel.