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Rethink Your Drink

Quench, the Rethink Your Drink mascot, makes an appearance at an elementary school.

Quench, the Rethink Your Drink mascot, plays with children in a classroom.

The WVU Extension Family Nutrition Program launched the Rethink Your Drink program in 2013 to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and increase consumption of milk and water. The Rethink Your Drink program takes several forms. Rethink Your Drink @ School and Rethink Your Drink @ Camp are educational programs aimed at reducing youths’ sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and boost water and milk consumption. Rethink Your Drink also spawned a successful media campaign with TV, radio, billboard, and digital advertising.

by the numbers

An icon of a water droplet.

41,000 reached

Rethink Your Drink programming reached more than 41,000 people in fiscal year 2019.

An icon of a glass of water with a wedge of lemon.

29% had fewer sugary drinks

29% youths drank fewer sweetened drinks after participating in Rethink Your Drink @ School, according to surveys distributed to parents and guardians.

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43% drank more water

43% of participating youths drank more water after Rethink Your Drink @ School.