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Food of the Month

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The Food of the Month program features a different locally grown seasonal fruit or vegetable each month, in an effort to encourage children to try new foods and educate them about agriculture and healthy eating habits.

Family Nutrition Program health educators provide school-wide taste tests of the featured fruit or vegetable. Participating schools also incorporate the Food of the Month into their menus — either by serving the produce fresh on the salad bar, by including it as a hot side dish or by using it in existing cafeteria recipes. Students also receive recipes to take home and share with their parents.

This program supports local farmers and bolsters their connection with their local school system.

By the Numbers

Icon of a calendar with a stalk of corn at the bottom.

42,582 kids 

42,582 kids participated in our Food of the Month programs in the 2019 fiscal year.

Icon representing a farm stand.

237 sites

We took Food of the Month programming to 237 schools and other facilities in fiscal year 2019.