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Animal Health Division Bulletin to Sheep & Goat Industry Stakeholders

Free Scrapie Tag Program Changes

In February 2019, all states were notified that the United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Veterinary Services is changing the Scrapie tag protocol for sheep and goat producers.

APHIS will provide up to 80 free plastic flock ID tags to producers who have not previously obtained free tags from the USDA and will continue to provide free metal tags to markets and dealers through September 30, 2020.

Producers who haven’t received metal tags from APHIS in the past 24 months may still request one order of 100 metal tags at no cost through August 31, 2019 or until the federal funds have been expended (whichever occurs first).

After August 31, 2019, the USDA will only provide plastic flock ID tags to producers that have not previously obtained tags or for disease response and surveillance testing. Metal Scrapie tags will be provided to markets, Regulatory Scrapie Slaughter Surveillance (RSSS) sample collection sites and dealers. There also is an incentive plan that will allow producers of high-risk animals to receive plastic tags at no charge if they allow live on-farm testing before October 1, 2019. However, producers are ineligible if they have previously provided Scrapie samples.

To request sheep and goat tags, call 1-886-873-2824. For any related questions regarding USDA Scrapie program changes or interest in the incentive plan for live animal, on-farm testing in West Virginia, contact USDA Veterinary Medical Officer Bill Casto at 614-309-8257.

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