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Donor Stories

Why We Give

Chad Proudfoot

I have never been part of an organization that offers so many incredible programs like the Cooperative Extension Service and 4-H. WVU Extension Service has not only touched the lives of many people I care about, but it has had a great impact on me, as well. I got so much from being a part of the Extension team, and it felt right to give back in some way to help this remarkable system continue in the future.

Jon & Margaret Irby

“Why not give” is what we always say and our giving to West Virginia University Extension Service and 4-H has been focused around that question. Why not give? From our work in Extension, we can relate to how important it is to have youth opportunities and adult programs. We’ve enjoyed watching youths develop skills that will last and giving youths new experiences, such as state camps and out-of-state trips. We’ve also enjoyed helping volunteers plan relevant programs for the youths of their counties.

Calvin Kuhn

I have made a lot of friends throughout my years in 4-H and met people I consider my heroes and mentors. To summarize 4-H in one word, I would say family. Not only because of the friends and people I’ve met who have become my second family, but because of the opportunities I’ve had to help others in my community. I’ve had the chance to serve as a role model for the youths, just as others have served for me.

Bill Freyler

I’ve learned through the years that when you give, you get back much more than you give. That is why for the past five years, I have pledged my support to the Ohio County 4-H Endowment (3V509). In 2008, I made a pledge of $6,000 over five years to benefit Ohio County 4-Hers through programming, helping send them to camp, and developing their leadership abilities.

John & Lucile Lough

John and Lucile Lough established a WVU scholarship for West Virginia 4-H’ers because they wanted to make it a little easier for youth to get a college education. They both worked their way through college at WVU, and wanted to give back. WVU Extension Service and West Virginia 4-H transform lives and provide youths and adults with the experiences that help shape their health, careers and futures.

Gladys Knapp

Gladys Knapp has provided annual scholarships for 4-H campers since 1966. She does so because 4-H and WVU Jackson’s Mill have been a big part of her life. “At Jackson’s Mill, I met people who have become my life-long friends,” she said.