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WVU Berkeley County Extension Service

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Berkeley County Youth Fair

The 70th Annual Berkeley County Youth Fair will be held August 4 – 12, 2017.  Where our 4-H and FFA youth SEW IT -  GROW IT - SHOW IT! Features carnival every night, live music, including Chris Woodward and Shindiggin, plus bluegrass and Christian rock. Tractor pull, horse costume, style revue, dog show, and all those wonderful animals and exhibits brought to you by the youth of Berkeley County West Virginia! For more information visit the Berkeley County Youth Fair online for daily schedule of events.

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National Pollinator Week

Pollination is a vital stage in the life cycle of all flowering plants.  When pollen is moved within a flower or carried from one flower to another of the same species it leads to fertilization.  This transfer of pollen is necessary for healthy and productive native and agricultural ecosystems.  Without pollinators, we simply wouldn’t have many crops!

Why are pollinators important?

According to the National Academy of Sciences, close to 75%  of all flowering plants on the earth rely to some degree on pollinators in order to set seed or fruit.  From these plants comes one-third of humankind’s food and even greater proportions of the food for much of our wildlife.  Yet now, in many places, pollinators are at risk.

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Become a WVU Extension Master Gardener!

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The Berkeley-Jefferson Extension Master Gardeners are now accepting applications for the annual training course that begins in August.  The course provides gardeners with the opportunity to improve their horticultural knowledge and skills and then share their experience with the public through organized volunteer activities. 

Would you love to learn more about gardening, like to participate in a practical training program and share your knowledge in the community?  Do you have the time?  

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