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2019 Accomplishments

Energy Express Impact Highlights

  • 79 sites in 38 counties
  • 2,368 children reached 50% attendance with an additional 824 served
    • 84% eligible for free and reduced price meals
    • 20% of children served had IEPs (Individual Educational Plans)
    • 16% of children served were from racial/ethnic minority groups
  • 103,324 meals served to children participating in the program
  • 17,156 meals served to other community youth
  • 29,218 take home books were distributed
  • 472 college students and community members were engaged in service as AmeriCorps members
    • 398 served as mentors
    • 74 served as community coordinators
  • 3,317 family and community members served as volunteers
    • 1,327 youth volunteers
    • 1,990 adult volunteers
  • 60,699 hours of volunteer time were provided
    • 29,494 hours (49%) of time was devoted to children’s reading and writing
  • Average of 42 volunteers per site
  • Average of 768 volunteer hours were contributed at each site

Download 2019 Energy Express Results & Impacts Fact Sheet

A few facts about Energy Express.

A brain lifting weights.

Average child gain 1.7 months comprehension, vocabulary and fluency skills.

A clock pointing to 8 o'clock.

51,648 volunteer hours contributed statewide across West Virginia.

A plate of steak, potatoes, carrots, and peas.

120,000 meals served to youths in the program.

An arrow.

67% of participants maintained or increased reading achievement scores.

An image of people.

3,000+ children participated.

An infographic representing people.

478 college students and community members engaged in service as AmeriCorps members.