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AmeriCorps Application Process Explained

Create an Account with AmeriCorps

Gather Key Information to Apply

  • Your full legal name.
  • A valid email address. You will need to receive a message from AmeriCorps to continue, so double check this before you proceed.
  • Your Social Security number.
  • Your date and location of birth your citizenship/residency status.
  • Your expected dates of availability.
  • Your mailing and permanent addresses.
  • A valid phone number.
  • Your Zip+4 postal code. Look it up online at USPS.
  • Your military/veteran’s status.
  • Any interests, skills, experience.
  • Reference’s name, address, phone, active email address including the Zip code +4.

Login to My AmeriCorps

Click Applications in the navigation bar (on the left side of the screen), then click Create Application. (It is highly suggested, if you are a slow typist or long thinker that you type your responses first in Word as the system will time you out.) You will need to fill out the following process to complete the application:

Motivational Statement: Step 1 of 8

AmeriCorps application step 1: click the Motivational Statement Checkbox and then click Next.

Skills and Experience: Step 2 of 8

AmeriCorps application step 2: click the Skills & Experience Checkbox and then click Next.

Educational History: Step 3 of 8

AmeriCorps application step 3: click the Education Checkbox and then click Next.

Community Service History: Step 4 of 8

AmeriCorps application step 4: click the Community Service Checkbox and then click Next.

Employment History: Step 5 of 8 AmeriCorps application step 5: click the Employment History Checkbox and then click Next.

Criminal History: Step 6 of 8

AmeriCorps application step 6: click the Criminal History Questionnaire Checkbox and then click Next.

Demographic Information: Step 7 of 8

AmeriCorps application step 7: click the Demographic Information Checkbox and then click Next.

References: Step 8 of 8

AmeriCorps application step 8: click the References Checkbox and then click New Reference.

Click on the “new reference" tab to enter the information. Remember your reference CANNOT be a family member.

Create a New Reference

AmeriCorps application: Create a New Reference with zip code field highlighted to use the USPS lookup.
This is where the is helpful! Once the first reference is submitted you will click the “go back to Application” to complete the second reference. Once you have the information entered click the submit button.

Reference Request

AmeriCorps application: Reference Request.
Once the References are submitted the applicant will need to select “Search Listings” on the left in the menu bar on the main page.
AmeriCorps application: My Americorps with Search Listing highlighted.

Search for Energy Express Using Advanced Listing Search

AmeriCorps application: Select AmeriCorps State/National. Select West Virginia. Select Energy Express and then click Search.

Select Energy Express from Search Results

AmeriCorps application: Click Energy Express from the Search Results.

Apply for Energy Express

AmeriCorps application: Click on Apply Now.

After You Apply with AmeriCorps

An automatic email will be sent to the Energy Express office stating you have submitted your application.

For help with questions during the application process:

  • Call the National Service/AmeriCorps Hotline: 800-942-2677