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West Virginia 4-H Recognizes 14 Participants in 2022 State 4-H Creed Contest

West Virginia 4-H is proud to recognize 14 participants from 8 counties for their hard work in reciting the 4-H Creed for the 2022 State 4-H Creed Competition!

The State 4-H Creed Contest is an annual event that provides an opportunity for 4-H members to compete in a friendly, scripted competition while building public speaking confidence and skills.

The 2022 State 4-H Creed Contest participants who contributed to this video can be viewed by ribbon color below.

Gold Ribbon

  • Emily Brown - Braxton County
  • Ethan Ferris - Hardy County
  • Vaylee Harper - Pendleton County
  • Marion Williams - Pendleton County
  • Rachel Gibson - Jefferson County
  • Isabella Shockey - Jackson County
  • Isabella Edmunds - Preston County

Blue Ribbon

  • Derek Edmunds - Preston County
  • Vada Walsh - Preston County
  • Nathaniel Harmon - Putnam County
  • Dominic Shockey - Jackson County

Red Ribbon

  • Mattie Brown - Braxton County
  • Kari Rohrbaugh - Grant County
  • Katie Rohrbaugh - Grant County

Again, congratulations to ALL 2022 State 4-H Creed Contest participants on a job well done! We cannot wait to see how you put your public speaking skills to good use in the future!